Show your car some love this Valentine’s Day

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to show your appreciation for the ones you love, and that, of course, goes for your car as well.

So, if you’re ready to give your four-wheeled companion some much-needed TLC, take a gander at Arnold Clark Autoparts’ range of valeting products and indulgent gifts that are sure to help put a sparkle in its paintwork.

Caring for your exterior  

First, remove any layers of dust or dirt from the car with a hose or pressure washer, taking special care to blast away any well-hidden grime from underneath the vehicle, around the door sills and wheel arches. When you're hand-washing your car, it’s important to use the right tools, for example, a wash glove instead of a sponge. Use this with your bucket of warm water mixed with car shampoo, and clean the car across the bodywork, windows and outer mirrors, and on the wheel trims, too. Then, use clean water to rinse off the soapy mixture.

To ensure longer-lasting exterior shine for your car, use a high-quality wax, which as well as giving an attractive shine will stop any grime and dust from sticking around. If you want to go that extra mile, a good sealant can deliver stunning results, returning even the beigest vehicle to its richest colour, while a ceramic kit can help to protect your vehicle from the elements by giving it an additional outer coating and with that, extra protection.

Whether you’re treating yourself, or the car enthusiast in your life, the CarPlan Demon valeting kit can cover many of these steps. It’s all about getting that enviable showroom finish you know and love.

It's what’s on the inside that counts

Now that you’ve got your car shining on the outside, it’s important to give the interior some love. A simple ‘litter pick’ is a good start: get a carrier bag and collect any food wrappers, drinks cans, bottles or receipts, and remove them from the car. Anything that can be recycled, put it in the appropriate bin.

Then, if it’s a dry day, dig out the vacuum cleaner from the cupboard and sweep up any dirt and dust from the footwells, under the seating, between the seat seams, and in the cabin’s storage compartments. We recommend the Kärcher Dry Vacuum Cleaner as it is easy to manoeuvre in about the seats and floors. 

Also, for easier cleaning throughout the year, use rubber mats instead of fabric ones, because if you have driver and passengers with often wet and muddy footwear stepping into the car, they can easily be wiped clean. We’d recommend keeping a humble packet of wipes handy too, so you can remove any dirt, dust or food debris on the go. 

How should you clean the inside of the car windows? The best way is to use an automotive-specific glass cleaner that’s ammonia-free so it won’t damage leather or fabric surfaces.

To pamper your dashboard and interior surfaces, a simple hack should produce shining results: after wiping the dash with a dry cloth, use a small dollop of petroleum jelly on a microfibre cloth. This should give your dash and interior surfaces longer-lasting shine without them looking too greasy. Another alternative is the Shelby interior cleaning kit, which includes three unique products capable of restoring even the most bedraggled vehicle interior to a palatial state.

Repeat this process every few weeks to keep your car in sparkling condition during the winter.

Need more car-related inspiration?

Arnold Clark Autoparts has a vast selection of products that are perfect for car enthusiasts and motor heads – covering everything from valeting products to car parts to accessories. If you want to bolster your car with some extra technology or car care essentials, we you can find products such as dash cams, travel mugs, battery chargers and automotive manufacturer merchandise.

What about our gifts collection?

Did you know that we stock more than just car parts and accessories? Make it a Valentine’s Day to remember for someone special with a great gift from Autoparts’ gift collection. Whether they're passionate about all things automotive or not, we've got something for everyone. On our website, you’ll find bike accessories, massage guns, branded merchandise, electronics, pet accessories and more!


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