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Frequently asked questions

The Kärcher window vac makes cleaning your windows effortless from the moment it’s unboxed. Simply apply cleaning detergent and wipe the window thoroughly. Then, turn on your window vac and vacuum down the window to remove all moisture and dirt for sparkling results.

The window vac can be used inside and outside your home; it’s perfect for cleaning any window in your home, including shower screens, glass cabinets, and your car’s windows.

The Kärcher pressure washer gives you a professional cleaning tool at a price you’ll love.

To use the pressure washer, simply hook your washer up to your water supply via a hose and connect it to an electrical power supply. Connect the spray lance to the washer, turn the washer on, and turn your water supply on.

Your pressure washer should now be ready to use. Please note that pressure washers can be dangerous and caution should always be exercised when using one, especially around small children and animals.

Each Kärcher pressure washer offers expert cleaning at affordable pricing, but which one is the best depends on the type and size of your cleaning job. For everyday cleaning, the K2 Universal Pressure Washer provides a quality clean with a great level of customisability to address any level of cleaning task.

For more serious cleaning tasks, the K3 Power Control Pressure Washer provides a deep and powerful clean for any surface, perfect for removing stubborn dirt wherever it may lurk.