Remove minor imperfections from your vehicle

The scourge of the urban driver, scrapes and scratches, are an operational hazard when commuting in the city or town. So, what can you do if someone bumps into your vehicle and leaves a mark? Autoparts’ Products section has the answers to your car care queries.


T-cut scratch remover 500g

Specially formulated to remove all sorts of scrapes, scratches and blemishes on vehicle body work (including those pesky swirl marks left behind after soap-and-water cleaning) and on a range of plastic surfaces too, these products are perfect if you’re looking to restore some interior bliss to your car and the dash, or if your instruments are looking a little worse for wear.

And if you do like to be beside the seaside, this high-quality cleaner can be applied to fibreglass on boats or to the prized canoe you’ve brought with you to the coast.

But at the very least, when applied evenly using a clean cloth, this scratch remover will have your vehicle looking better in no time.

Help your vehicle look its best!


T-cut headlight restoration kit

Shining a light on a great car care kit, this polishing compound will return your headlights to their fullest glow.

The kit contains:

  • A 75g T-Cut headlight polishing compound
  • A 125ml T-Cut headlight restoration sealant
  • A microfibre cloth

The polishing compound will help to return some long-lost shine to the headlight (after you’ve shampooed them). Then remove any remaining product with the headlight restorer sealant; an easy-to-apply formula which bonds to the lens but also seals the surface to prevent the lens from fading or oxidising. Finally, any excess liquid can simply be wiped away with a microfibre cloth.

And with a Which? Magazine Best Buy Award behind it, you know you’re on to a winner with this purchase.

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T-Cut Metal Polish 100g

For that added touch of class to your car’s metallic parts, it’s time to use a specialist metal polish that’s been perfected over more than 60 years.

Suitable for use on chrome, brass, aluminium, nickel, copper, and metal alloys, the polish cuts through any surface corrosion or oxidisation to give your car’s metallic sections, inside or out, unrivalled shine.

Give your vehicle some new-found verve with T-Cut metal polish. 


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