Wynn's Catalytic Converter and Lambda Sensor Cleaner Fluid 325ml

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Wynn’s catalytic converter cleaner is a fuel additive that is designed to clean out the entire fuel system and the catalytic converter. It removes damaging carbon build Ups and deposits from the engine and works towards reducing emissions and harmful or hazardous Exhaust gasses. Helps to avoid expensive replacements of the catalytic converter, improves fuel economy and restores lost power and performance. Wynn’s was established in 1939 and has over 70 years’ experience manufacturing products for the automotive market. Wynn’s offers chemical treatments that restore and maintain optimal operation in vehicle systems. As an alternative to mechanical repairs, many car problems can be resolved or prevented using chemical treatments that are efficient, affordable and easy to use. Wynn’s has a very strong brand reputation and high quality recognition with more than 400 products in their range.

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