Wonder Wheels All Black Gloss Tyre Gel - 500ml

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Wonder Wheels All Black Gloss Tyre Gel is a new addition to the multi award winning Wonder Wheels range.
All Black Gloss Tyre Gel will revitalise the tyres and trim to provide optimum shine and ultimate protection which lasts and lasts – whatever the weather!



  • High gloss finish
  • Simply wipe on
  • Ultimate protection whatever the weather



Clean tyres before application and dry thoroughly. Start with a pea sized amount on a clean, dry microfibre cloth or sponge and spread evenly across the tyres – use as required and wipe off any excess to prevent any product being flung off the tyre when in motion. For an even glossier shine, apply a second coat after allowing the first coat to dry for approximately 10 minutes. If you see any streaks or blemishes, re-apply to that particular area.

Not advised to be used on vinyl, painted surfaces, bicycles or motorbikes.



WTG500 - 500ml

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