Tetrion Woodfil 2K Filler White - 400g

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Tetrion Woodfil is a heavy duty, waterproof 2 part filler which uses a revolutionary vacuum process to give an air hole and pinhole-free, super smooth finish. Woodfil can be sawn, drilled, screwed, sanded, planed, carved and painted just like real wood.



  • FAST SETTING – starts to set in 5 to 10 minutes. Can be sanded within 30 minutes and is ready for painting after 45 minutes at a normal room temperature.
  • VERSATILE – Use inside or out for replacing decayed wood as well as for filling woodgrain, screw holes and cracks and joints in furniture, windows and door frames, etc.
  • WEATHERPROOF – resistant to water, seawater, oil, petrol, atmospheric chemicals and frost.



  • Preparation – Surfaces must be dry, clean and free from oil, grease and loose material. Remove rotten wood and allow sound wood to dry before filling. Score smooth surfaces with an abrasive to provide a good key. 
  • Mixing – Mix the amount needed for immediate requirements. Mix the wood filler in the following proportions, one part hardener (approx. 5cm ribbon) with 50 parts Woodfil (approx. 1 golf ball size). Mix thoroughly until no streaks remain and the colour is uniform. 
  • Application – once the Woodfil and hardener have been mixed the useable life is approximately 10 minutes. Apply filler to job leaving slightly “proud” of the surface. When hard, sand down to the correct contour. Large holes should be built up in layers. Never return mixed filler to the tin. 
  • Finishing – Treat exactly as wood, can be machined, sanded, filled, drilled etc. when fully cured woodfil can be sprayed, painted, primed or coated by all the standard methods. 


  • Setting is speeded up in hot temperatures and slowed down in cold temperatures.
  • Do not use if temperature is below 5°C (41°F) or above 30°C (86°F). Hardened Woodfil can withstand periodic exposure to temperatures as low as –20°C or as high as 100°C.
  • Store in a cool place avoiding excessive heat and frost
  • Not recommended for use on glass.



400g– WFW402 (White)

1.2Kg - WFW012 (White)

400g - WFN402 (Natural/Pine)

1.2Kg - WFN012 (Natural/Pine)

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