Carlube DPF Cleaner Double Concentrate - 300ml

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Carlube Double Strength DPF Cleaner has been specially developed to clear and regenerate dirty Diesel Particulate Filters that may have become blocked over time. DPF cleaner lowers the temperature at whcih soot particles can be burnt off, aiding in DPF regentation and increased fuel efficiency. Must not be used in vehicles without a DPF

  • Add to diesel
  • Cleans & regenrates
  • Prevents soot formation
  • Improves combustion & increased fuel efficiency

Especially suited for city driving where natural regeneration is less likely to occur

This product contains two treatment, add half the contents (150ml) to a minimum of 30 Litres of diesel fuel in the fuel tank. Drive as normal then refuel.

Use every 3000km for best results

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