Garden essentials for spring

To help you make the most spring and the opportunity to update your garden ahead of the (oh too short) summer sunshine and get your garden barbecue ready in time for the big neighbourhood blowout, we have a selection of our favourite Arnold Clark Autoparts gardening equipment and accessories that are guaranteed to turn your green thumbs greener.  

Make cleaning and clearing hassle-free 

I’m sure we are all familiar with the aches and pains that tend to linger after a few hours, or days, of gardening. Thankfully, there are some handy tools and equipment that can help ease this pain and save your poor aching back.  

Kärcher K4 Power Washer 

The Kärcher K4 Power Washer is an excellent tool for getting the job done quickly. Whether you are cleaning the patio or blasting your garden furniture clean, this tool does the heavy-duty cleaning so you don’t have to. 

Kärcher S4 Twin Sweeper 

But that’s not the only Kärcher tool available to help save you time and effort: introducing the Kärcher S4 Twin Sweeper. This genius sweeper gathers all the leaves and clippings, collecting them into a 20-litre waste hopper and leaving your garden spotless. 

Draper Leaf Grabber 

If, however, you prefer a more manual approach and the sweeper isn’t for you, then this Draper Leaf Grabber may be just what you need to rid of leaves and plant cuttings without the back ache.  

Kärcher Stone & Cladding Cleaner

Clean your stone surfaces with ease thanks to a firm favourite of our customers; this stone and cladding cleaner removes oil, grease, soot, dust, algae and stains from your stones and patio and works brilliant with other Kärcher products or on its own – just remember that it’s a concentrate, so follow the diluting instructions carefully!  

Steel mesh gardener’s cart 

Sometimes, when it comes to making your gardening life easier, we don’t need to reinvent the wheel. This gardener’s cart is robust, lightweight and will get the job done (as long as that job is transporting detritus from one spot to another). At the end of the day, even something as simple as a reliable cart can make all the difference when doing up your garden.  

Spruce up your seating area 

Now gardening is great, no doubt about it – it’s satisfying, healthy for you, and gets you out of the house. But the real reason we enjoy gardening is so that we can then relax and enjoy our handiwork. That’s why prioritising having somewhere nice to sit is vital to get the most out of your outdoor space. 

EasiRecline Sun Lounger Pair Fabric Blue Outdoor Garden Chair 

First-off, you will need somewhere to properly lie back and appreciate your horticultural mastery, so having comfortable garden loungers to... well, lounge in, is an absolute must-have. The EasiRecline Sun Lounger is everything you could ask for, for a relaxing long sit in the great outdoors, supportive fabric in a sturdy steel frame that is perfectly designed for outdoor life.  

Solar light collection 

In the warmer temperatures, it only makes sense that you’ll be spending long evenings in your garden. While the temperature may take longer to drop, the sun light won’t be sticking around all night, so solar lights are an excellent – cost effective - way to keep the night and good times going.   


Patio cover collection 

As much as we hate to admit it, the glorious sunny weather won’t stick around forever. That’s why it’s just as important to take care of your garden furniture when the weather turns. Keep your garden essentials dry in between the sunny spells with these easy to use and quick to fold away patio covers from our patio cover collection. With a range of sizes and prices, you’ll find the perfect cover to keep your garden chairs in a pristine condition.  

Draper Oscillating Sprinkler with 0-21 Jets 

On the other hand, looking after your grass and ensuring it’s watered when it does stay dry is vital for your grass health and keeps your garden looking fresh. This Draper sprinkler will come in handy and save you any hassle. Plus, kids and pets alike will love making use of it to play and cool down in.  

Weed Burner 2000W 

Weeding can be a tedious task, especially if you are just looking forward to some chill time in the garden. Keep on top of the weeds by making use of a weed burner. Be done in half the time and enjoy your lovely weed-free garden while you get back to relaxing. 

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