Top garage and workshop essentials

Whether it’s a garage, or a shed, or even the hall cupboard you store them in, it’s always a good idea to keep key DIY tools close at hand. And, in Autoparts’ guide to great garage products, we've selected a few of our top sellers from our huge range of tools, parts and accessories.

Draper single garage workstation

This complete storage solution is surely a must-have garage workshop product, allowing you to keep a vast range of home and outdoor tools stowed away safely and securely from any little ones or pets who might be in the garage with you.

Combining one tall cabinet with four doors and three fitted shelves, two wall cabinets, a base cabinet with four drawers and a pressed wood worktop, there are also two back panels for holding tools and equipment – what’s not to like?

Don’t settle for less than Draper.

Now all you need are some tools to store in your Draper garage workstation...

Draper garage trolley jack

Able to handle loads up to three tonnes in weight, this Draper trolley jack is a product ready to perform under significant pressure.

This robust jack will allow you to make automotive adjustments and repairs at home or in a workspace, knowing the jack’s safety valve will prevent it from overloading, a valuable safety tool for the user. Plus, its heavy-duty chassis and large steel castors improve the garage trolley jack’s positioning and manoeuvrability.

Find it in the Autoparts trolley jack collection.

SIP workshop floor drum fan

This 30-inch free-standing drum fan will help to dry wet surfaces by providing a continuous flow of fresh air and circulation of air to reduce the presence of fumes and odours in the air in your workspace, such as a garage.

Its two set speeds of 1375rpm and 1425rpm are powered by a 378-watt motor driven by a 30-volt or 13-amp supply, meaning its powerful but also not overpowering if you’re just looking for a pleasant breeze.

Blow away the cobwebs and get into some garage or workshop work with the SIP drum fan.

Draper battery charger

This 12- and 24-volt - or 360-amp - battery charger is easy to use, with wheels built in for getting it around a workspace like a garage or workshop.

With safety features in-built like a thermal overload protection function, and easy-to-read ammeter, polarity inversion and a strong handle for reliable transportation.

Charge on at work with this excellent garage tool.

Cosmos car cover sheet

More of a lifestyle product, but still important for the garage setting, this indoor car cover from Cosmos is perfect for keeping aesthetic hazards like paint flecks, dust and animal prints – domestic or otherwise – off your automotive pride and joy.

It’s a simple tool, a tarpaulin for your car, van or even your bike (with lots of room to spare) and one you’ll reap the benefit when you leave your garage with your vehicle’s bodywork gleaming.

Draper 90-piece tool kit

Here’s one for the collection.

The 90-piece tool kit from Draper has the equipment for a wide range of automotive work and other domestic takes in and around the house or garden.

Marquee products include a 16oz claw hammer, two 72-tooth reversible ratchets, combination pliers, long nose pliers and a tape measure.

To access all of these, simply prise open and the tool set will elegantly fold out in a tier system from the centre where the larger tools are held.

Use the tool kit made to cover all corners.

Power-tec 92410 roller seat

A ‘wheely’ good contraption for getting around a workspace closer to floor level – allowing you to work at a desk, examine a vehicle, make an intricate repair at table level – the Power=tec 94210 roller seat is made for comfort, strength and durability for the workplace, holding up to 120kg in weight.

Take a load off while you work with the Power-tec roller seat.

Maypole wastemaster and wastehog storage bag

Simplicity is genius, it is often said, and in the case of this Maypole storage bag, you’ll be enjoying the ease of use while taking care of tough tasks involving an element of waste and mess.

This storage bag will allow you to carry and unload lighter waste material but also stow away valuable materials for future use. And with its wheels, it can be moved around without fuss, meaning you can roll it under a bench to store, or even use its hard handle to hang on a hook or cleat.

Bag yourself a Maypole storage tool.

Whether you're looking for hand tools, power tools, workshop tools, storage solutions there's something for everyone in the Autoparts tools collection.


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