Road trip essentials: 8 accessories you can't forget

Road trips are a great way to explore new territory, and in the UK, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to must-see destinations. However, before setting off, there are a few things you’re going to want to have on your packing checklist.

Being prepared will help to make sure that your trip is fun, safe and as adventure-filled as possible. After all, the less you have to stop off the better, so here’s a list of things to pack before you head off. 

Tyre inflator

Firstly, if you feel like your tyres could do with a little extra air, make sure you don’t get caught out. Before you set off, give them a boost or even keep a tyre inflator in your car to safeguard against being stranded in the middle of nowhere. We have a few to choose from – including this handheld rechargeable inflater, compact for the smallest of boots and ideal for cars, motorbikes and bicycles. Another option is the rechargeable digital air compressor – powerful enough to inflate an average-sized tyre within a few minutes.

Emergency tyre repair kit

Of course, there’s nothing worse than your journey coming to a halt because of a flat tyre. Luckily, you don’t need to be an expert to fix it – and Arnold Clark Autoparts has a number of tools for the job. This Simply Xtreme tyre inflator and sealer can easily seal and inflate your tyre in minutes. If, however, you’re looking to spend a bit more cash, the Streetwize tyre sealer kit with compressor contains everything you need to repair your tyre in roadside emergencies. Apply the repair putty to the affected area of the tyre, which should stop any more air from escaping. Use the inflator to reflate the tyre and you’re good to go.

Battery jump start kit

What about a dead battery? It can catch you at the most inopportune of times. In fact, it’s the most common reason for a car being unable to start – so it’s important to be prepared. particularly if you’ve been on the road for a long time. Keep calm, reach for some jump leads and a vehicle that might be able to help you get on the move again. Don’t have these handy? The Noco 3000A Ultra Safe lithium jump starter is a great bit of kit to have in your car, just in case!

However, if your vehicle battery isn’t totally depleted, for example, from having left the headlights on overnight which might have severely drained but not exhaust the battery, take matters into your own hands and recharge the battery from the mains supply. Give your car a boost with this great charger.

Phone charger

Talking of staying charged, you’ll want to make sure your phone can last the journey, too. Whether you’re using it for directions, to keep in touch with friends or to play your masterfully curated road trip playlist, a full battery is a must. Give your phone a much-needed boost with this compact, portable power bank or go one better with the Rockland car charger kit – suitable for mobile phones, sat navs, and portable game consoles.

First aid kit  

Cuts, grazes, bumps and scrapes can happen at any time of the year, but if you’re exploring somewhere new, you don’t know what to expect. Having a first aid kit in your glovebox is a great idea all year round, as it allows you to deal with minor injuries on the spot while you’re out and about.


If your road trip takes you off the main track, you might encounter some dirt and grit along the way. If this is the case, remember to top up your screenwash regularly and keep a bottle in your boot for emergencies. Try CarPlan’s all-season screenwash – it removes dirt and grime easily and leaves a bright, streak-free finish. An alternative is Bluecol’s three-in-one summer screenwash which removes the dirt and dust, while also applying an invisible layer of rain repellent.

Dash cam

Our brand-new Cobra CDR 895D dual HD dash cam is the perfect dash cam to capture the action on the road. With a flexible mounting system, the camera’s unique ability to record both front and rear-facing video offers double the protection for everyday drivers. Its features include a two-inch LCD screen, ultra-wide viewing angles which capture a front view of 160 degrees and rear view of 130 degrees, as well as a 16GB MicroSD card.

Litter bin

Whether you’re travelling with the whole family or not, there’s a good chance you’ll gather some debris along the way – food, drink, shopping etc. To avoid your car becoming a pigsty, you might want to consider this compact litter bin which is specially designed for cup holders and side compartments. Alternatively, the Streetwize cargo tidy net is great for stacking bits and bobs and stopping them rolling around the car.

Little extras

No road trip is complete without a few extra luxuries. We’d always recommend travelling with a pair of sunglasses in case of good weather, as well as a travel pillow for passengers who need a rest. As well as a water bottle to keep you hydrated, a thermos travel mug is always handy for warm drinks.

Travelling with kids? It’s good to have a few travel games packed to keep them occupied for longer stretches, while this travel potty is ideal for children under three. Meanwhile, for those going the extra mile, this inflatable single air mattress has been specially designed to fit on the back seat of the car – ensuring you have somewhere to lay your head down if you need it!

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