Tools to upgrade your car's security

You lock your car when leaving it in the driveway, on the street, in a busy city centre car park – but have you ever thought about adding additional security measures to your vehicle to keep any would-be thieves at bay?

Here are some top Autoparts products to help ensure your vehicle stays shut to any would-be car thieves, opportunist or organised.

Maypole’s Aiko hitch lock

Easy to fit, very tough to break down: the Aiko hitch lock from Maypole is the perfect high-visibility security tool for keeping break-ins at bay.

Designed to fit AK130, AK160, AKS1300, AKS2004 and AKS3004 towing stabiliser locks, this is a highly visible deterrent which can be fitted in less than ten seconds. It’s that simple. And extremely effective in fending off unwanted and unwarranted interest in your vehicle.

Nail this one down for your car security package here.

Streetwize GPS vehicle tracker

Adapted from military use, the Global Positioning System (GPS) driven by satellite navigation, allows the use of lifestyle products like fitness and exercise apps, as well as transport and travel mapping.

With the Streetwize GPS tracker, you can leave your car out of sight with confidence, in the knowledge that you can see its location at the touch of a button and with the glance of a screen.

Space age technology at street level? Invest in the Streetwize GPS vehicle tracker here.

Maypole 10-16 inch wheel clamp

Able to be fitted in seconds, the Maypole adjustable wheel clamp is designed for 10-inch to 16-inch wheels (or 175mm to 225mm metric). It id designed to cover a caravan, mobile motorhome or trailer’s hitch, making it impossible for thieves to drive off with your secondary vehicle in tow.

Find the hitch lock here.

Autoparts full HD dash cam

Car thieves have been caught out thanks to this kind of technology.

Activating automatically on your car’s power supply being activated, your full HD dash cam will serve you well in recording your journeys in-drive, but will have a potential double use, in helping to identify any intruders in a vehicle.

Its built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery is powered by a 12- or 24-volt system - which can keep the camera running even when your vehicle isn’t - as well as the camera featuring a built-in microphone and speaker, with data stored on a micro SD card.

Cast your eyes over this excellent bit of car security kit.

Maypole fold down security parking post

Restrict driveway access with this security-conscious parking post from Autoparts.

This brightly-coloured and therefore highly visible tool will act both as a protective barrier between your vehicle and the open street, or between your vehicle and the car park exit.

Perfectly portable, it can be brought in the vehicle’s boot then folded out and padlocked to ensure fencing in of your vehicle.

What’s more, it’s suitable for trailer applications which are up to 500kg in static nose weight.

Enter the fold of vehicle security with Maypole’s parking post.

Maypole Stronghold caravan alloy wheel lock

Birmingham-based Maypole have introduced a seriously robust anti-theft measure for towed vehicles, the caravan alloy wheel lock. Curling around the vehicle alloy, through the back of the wheel and back through to the front to show would-be thieves its super strong locking mechanism, the Maypole Stronghold will be a visible deterrent to anyone with designs on stealing a vehicle.


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