The best engine oil for your car

Vehicle engines need lubricated to work properly, as its parts are constantly encountering friction, and that’s one of several reasons engine oil is so important for your car.

Other benefits of oil for an engine include:

  •  Cooling, by the oil trapping and releasing heat from a working engine generating heat
  • Cleaning, by removing microscopic deposits of dirt and dust from the engine surface
  • Anti-corrosion protection, as engine oil neutralises many of the acids leading to rusting
  • Sealing, i.e. forming a protective layer between any two engine parts.


What types of engine oil are there?

Conventional engine oil

Pulled from the ground as crude oil and then refined in a factory, conventional oil is a budget-friendly option, and pretty reliable to get to work on protecting your car engine.

An example of conventional engine oil is Carlube’s Mineral Gear Oil. It’s a versatile, reliable and cost-effective lubrication option – and is available through Autoparts’ products section.

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Fully synthetic oil

Manufactured entirely in a lab or factory, the refinement of the process in producing the oil means it is a smooth product, purpose-made for effective engine protection – but with refined production comes increased costs throughout the process, including for the customer.

However, despite a slightly costlier range of oils, their quality is sublime, including in Autoparts’ own Ultratec range, which are available in the Autoparts product range, including a one-litre bottle that’s perfectly portable.

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Synthetic blend oil

A mixture of synthetic and organic oils, the synthetic blend oil is a stable product that can be widely used (although you should always consult your vehicle handbook for this important information)

One such synthetic blend oil is Carlube’s 4-stroke motorcycle oil, perfect for those who love to take to the road on two wheels instead of oil.

Suitable for use on all bikes from retro runners to modern specialised speedsters, it’s available in Autoparts’ products section


High-mileage oil

Most suitable for vehicles driven more than 75,000 miles, high-mileage oil features additives designed to give enhanced protection to ageing engines, which are more vulnerable to wear and tear.

Another gem from Carlube, this high-mileage engine oil is designed to help your vehicle go the distance – and beyond – when approaching that 75,000-mile mark.

Invest in your car’s future with Carlube’s high-mileage motor oil.


Using the correct oil

To find the correct oil for your car, be sure to check your vehicle’s handbook: it will have the information you need.


Adding oil to your vehicle

When you have the right oil for your vehicle, you need to know where it goes in the vehicle.

First, open the vehicle bonnet. Then, look for the oil filter cap, which will normally feature an old-fashioned oil decanter with a droplet of oil falling from it.

Fill the oil to the level advised in the logbook or by the visible line in the filter. Alternatively, use the dipstick provided to gauge your oil levels before and after starting your oil replenishment.

Then, with the right oil, to the right level, your car or vehicle should be better lubricated and cooled for many a drive.

And for the perfect tool to add your engine oil, make it easy with the Tetroplas large blue plastic funnel, with a wide funnel allowing for a quick and accurate pour.

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