Top 10 winter driving must-haves

As the weather begins to change and traffic volume increases, it’s more important than ever to think about your safety on the road and to plan your journeys accordingly. That’s why we’ve put together a list of must-have products that no discerning driver should be without this winter to help you conquer even the most challenging winter driving problems.

1. Antifreeze 

 Often overlooked, antifreeze helps keep your engine ticking over, stopping the water in its cooling system from freezing and preventing the whole thing from overheating. Different makes and models use different kinds of antifreeze – some are pink, blue and even red – so it’s best to check your vehicle’s handbook to find out which one you need.

We recommend Comma Super Red concentrated antifreeze – known for its 5-year long-life protection and -36°c winter protection.

 2. Screenwash 

Battling snow, slush and road salt is never easy at the best of times. Try doing it when you’re out of screenwash and you definitely won’t get far! Remember to top up your screenwash regularly and keep a bottle in your boot for emergencies so you can see the road ahead as clearly as possible.

Try Eurorepar concentrated screen wash – it removes traffic film and dirt and has an anti-smear formulation.

3. Ice scraper 

Debit cards. Notebooks. Even your bare hands. Admit it – you’ve probably used at least one of these to clear your windscreen on a freezing cold morning when you’re already running late for work. Just save yourself the hassle – and half an hour – and invest in a proper ice scraper.

If we’ve summed up your winter morning routine, why not shop our range of scrapers before the frosty mornings come in?

 4. De-icer

And if you’re an impatient soul, grab a can of de-icer to speed things up a little more. Here’s a handy tip, too: to save the rubber seals on your doors from freezing and potentially being damaged when you open them on a cold morning, give them a quick spritz with de-icer the night before.

For super de-icing swiftness, Polygard De-Icer Trigger is a great choice. 

 5. First aid kit 

Cuts, grazes, bumps and scrapes can happen at any time of the year, but winter poses its own set of challenges, especially when there’s ice underfoot. Having a first aid kit in your glovebox is a great idea as it allows you to deal with minor injuries on the spot while you’re out and about. 

For the cream of the first aid crop, choose Vehicle First Aid Kit.

 6. Dash cam

Accidents are common in winter, but it can be difficult to prove that a crash wasn’t your fault. This is when a dash cam really comes in handy.

Our HD 1.5 mini dash camera is the perfect dash cam to capture the action on the road. The device automatically switches on when you start up your car, and off again when you turn the engine off. The camera includes audio recording, shock sensor technology and automatically saves any footage in the event of a collision.

7. Torch 

Stranded at the roadside? Need to change a tyre in the dark? In emergencies, it’s important that you can see your surroundings – and be seen by other motorists – so a torch is a must-have addition to your winter car kit.

To keep you safe in the dark, we recommend the Jubilee high beam compact torch.

 8. Tyre inflator 

Low temperatures mean more potholes, and more flat tyres. Don’t get caught short – keep a tyre inflator in your car to safeguard against being stranded in the middle of nowhere.

 We suggest this Michelin tyre inflator with digital gauge. It’s easy to use and compact enough for even the smallest of boots.

 9. Battery jump pack 

Dead battery? That can happen frequently in winter. Chilly nights can really deplete your car’s battery and its ability to store energy when you’re on the move, so don’t be shocked if your car has trouble starting up in the morning. Keep calm and reach for some jump leads to get you on the move again, no matter the weather!

The Noco 4000A Ultra Safe lithium jump starter is a great bit of kit to have in your car in winter, just in case!

 10. Bulbs

When you’re driving in the dark, it’s important to see and be seen. Driving around with broken bulbs not only endangers you, but those around you. So if you need a new one, be a bright spark and fix it quick. Why not add a couple of spares to your winter car kit?

Browse our bulbs here!