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Tetrion Primer Bonder is a new-technology, multi-functional primer, sealing agent, key coat and bonding aid. Using Primer Bonder prior to decoration or surface treatment can make the difference between an amateur DIY-job and a professional finish.

Use to treat gypsum walls, plaster, chipboard, cement fiber board, formed concrete, render, etc, Prior to painting and for sealing brick, stucco, and concrete. Helps bind and seal powdery, chalky surfaces. Use as a dust-proofer on concrete etc.


  • Bonds powdery, friable walls
  • Stabilizes poor surfaces
  • Preparation before painting, decorating, sealing, tiling, grouting or filling
  • Easy to apply and use - no tools necessary
  • Fast drying
  • Low odor
  • Solvent-free

 As a Primer: It can be used to treat dusty gypsum surfaces, unbound, unpainted walls, cement based fiber-boards, formed concrete, render, mortar bricks, stucco and other masonry/porous surfaces to seal, prior to painting or other decoration. loose or porous surfaces can lead to poor adhesion of other surface treatments such as paint or wallpaper.

As a Key Coat & Sealer: Used as a key coat for new plaster, fillers, mortar, and concrete repairs, renders, and screeds. Can be used to seal and dustproof cementitious or plaster/powdery substrates.

As a Bonding Aid: Used to help bond new plaster/fillers to old or for ceramic tiles onto painted surfaces. Also use as a bonding aid for porous or rough surfaces, helping to bond paving, quarry tiles, slate and ceramic tiles.


As a Primer:

  • Ensure surface is clean and dry

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