Rain-X 80199200 Rain Repellent 200ml

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Rain X Rain repellent improves wet weather visibility and safety by creating an invisible hydrophobic coating that repels rain, sleet and snow.The coating also makes for easy removal of ice,salt,mud and bugs.Ideal for car windscreens,side and rear windows and even headlights. Please be aware that it is not recommended for use on plastic surfaces. Rain X Rain Repellent helps improve visibility upto 1 second earlier. For example, if driving at 60mph, the stopping distance could be improved upto 90ft.A major safety issue when driving in wet weather. Easy to use and apply, simply apply to a cloth and wipe onto the exterior of your windscreen/windows using a circular motion. Allow to dry and remove with a dry cloth, wiping until clear. The product will last up to 60 days, providing you with clearer vision, enchanced saftey and the knowledge of using a trusted brand on your vehicle.

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