NOCO Battery Clamp Connector GC001

NocoSKU: GC001

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X-Connect Micro Battery Clamps with M6 Eyelets allow a battery charger to connect quickly to any battery. Replace a lost connector or add a set to a convenient location for easy charging. Remove the eyelets from the clamps to mount the connectors to the battery for a quick plug-in access point.


Connect quickly to any battery, or keep attached for convenient charging.


  • Easily connect and disconnect from any battery.
  • ​​High-output battery clamps with moulded strain relief.
  • Built-in fuse protection for increased safety.
  • Rugged, watertight connector for extreme environments.
  • Length: 24 inches


​Compatible with the following NOCO products:
G750UK, G1100UK, G3500UK, and G7200UK models, as well as, GENIUS1UK, GENIUS2UK, GENIUS5UK, and GENIUS10UK.

Not compatible with:
NOCO Boost UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starters.

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