Ford Lifestyle Collection New Genuine Ford My-Key-Distance Safety Tool 35030374

FORDSKU: 35030374

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The little day-to-day companion –with this MyCaddy hygiene key, you can keep bacteria and viruses at arm’s length at all times. A lot of germs can accumulate on surfaces such as door handles, and particularly in times like these, it’s important to avoid touching these surfaces as much as possible. This clever gadget was developed precisely for this purpose!

The caddy can be easily attached to your set of keys using the keyring, so you can carry it with you every day, anywhere you go. And it also means that you’ll have a trolley token to hand at all times. Tip: The caddy should be cleaned and ideally disinfected every day.

Material: iron

Dimensions: approx. 86 x 23.5 mm

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