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Comma Xstream G48 Antifreeze - Ready to use - ?Winter essentials from Arnold Clark Autoparts

Britain can experience very dramatic changes in the weather all year round. In the height of summer and winter, temperatures can fluctuate dramatically, causing potentially major problems under the bonnet of your car. The engine and components around it are prone to either overheating during the summer (think about the amount of energy generated in such a small, confined space mixed with a hot summer day) or freezing during the winter (there is virtually no insulation available to protect it from the cold). Comma’s range of coolants and antifreeze solves this problem as each formula is designed to protect your engine’s components throughout the year, allowing your engine to run smoothly. Containing Ethylene Glycol, Xstream G48 antifreeze and coolant concentrate is silicate based, giving protection from -36°C to +45°C. Suitable for both petrol and diesel engines, it protects against corrosion, erosion, overheating and freezing. Offers up to 3 years protection. Comes in a 5 litre bottle.

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