BMW public charging cable (5 meters)



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The BMW public charging cable is designed for charging plugin hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) and battery electric vehicles (BEV) at public charging stations quickly and reliably.
Sales features/benefits
– Transfer of charging currents of up to 32 A. This means that charging cycles using up to 7.4 kW are possible (depending on the car). This means that the electric car can be charged up to three times faster than with the standard charging cable. 
– The single-phase BMW charging cable is excellent value for money for BMW PHEVs which can only be charged using a single-phase supply. 
– The 8-metre version enables large BMW PHEV models to be charged conveniently in various parking positions. 
– The BMW charging cable can be packed ideally for transport due to its spiralisation and perfectly matching cable bag. 
– The supplied gloves ensure clean handling even in rain and melting snow. 
– The coordinated design of the BMW charging cable and BMW Wallbox creates an attractive overall package with the perfect solution for flexible charging at home and on the road.
Comparison with competition
– The BMW public charging cable has been assured with all BMW PHEV and BEV models and satisfies the BMW Group quality standards.
– The silver-plated, corrosion-resistant contacts significantly reduce electrical resistance. The resulting durability and increased electrical safety cannot be matched by conventional cables with brass contacts.
– The BMW public charging cable is coded to enable the charging station to determine the maximum amount of current that can be transferred. The perfect charging capacity is achieved without overloading the charging cable.
– The ergonomically designed connectors are sturdy and are easy to hold.
– Coordination with the charging connectors on BMW cars make daily handling easier.
– BMW Public Charging Cable 1-phase - 5 metres 
– Cable bag 
– Workshop gloves
 – Showroom packaging See EPC for details of the kit's contents.
– The BMW charging cable can be used in all countries which support the type 2 standard for connectors. 
– Designed for charging mode 3/Mode 3. This means that the BMW charging cable can be used on all charging stations with the appropriate design.