Bosch Aerotwin Plus Flat Wiper Blade 380

BoschSKU: AP15U

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For an outstanding wiping performance, even under extreme weather conditions: The Bosch Aerotwin Universal AP - flat wiper blades has patented Power Protection Plus wiper rubber technology with long-life wiper rubber formula. It includes an innovative modular adapter system which is universally optimised to replace original equipment wiper arm types.
  • Power Protection Plus wiper rubber and patented coating: for an increased service life, outstanding wiping performance and quiet wiping under extreme weather conditions
  • Long-life wiper rubber formula with innovative additives to the wiper rubber and Evodium steel spring strips: for an increased service life
  • Tailor-made high-tech Evodium spring strips, with an aerodynamically optimised profile: increases the contact pressure of the wiper blade to the windscreen for an outstanding wiper performance and clear view
  • Designed to prevent ice build up: for improved winter performance
  • Symmetric spoiler with aerodynamic design: stops vibrations and lifting of the wiper at high speeds
  • Modular adapter system: enables an easy match with a wide range of vehicle types
  • Approved in comprehensive vehicle specific quality and functional tests based on the standards for original equipment parts: for reliability and safety

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