Texaco Havoline ProDS P SAE 0W30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil - 4 Litre

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Havoline ProDS P 0w-30 is a premium performance synthetic engine lubricant designed with an advanced technology additive system which meets latest Peugeot Citroen PSA B71-2312 specifications, offering improved cold start engine protection with greater fuel economy performance

Havoline ProDS P 0w-30 is suitable for gasoline and diesel passenger cars and diesel light commercial vehicles, and is a low SAPS lubricant, designed to offer protection and prolong the service life to diesel particulate filters (DPFs) and three-way catalysts (TWCs).

• Advanced low SAPS formulation promotes DPF and TWC protection
• Offers engine protection and extended drain intervals
• Designed for improved fuel economy
• Helps minimise deposits and sludge
• Formulated to minimise oil consumption
• Advanced technology low SAPS formulation helps minimise gasoline and diesel engine exhaust emissions output
• Formulated to offer prolonged DPF and TWC exhaust system protection, performance and service life
• Premium synthetic formulation offers engine protection and extended drain intervals, helping reduce maintenance and service costs
• Designed to offer improved fuel economy with reliable low temperature fluidity for rapid oil circulation and cold-start engine protection
• High performance cleaning technology helps minimise deposits and sludge, offering extended engine life and maintaining fuel economy
• Durable synthetic base oil design promotes reduced engine oil volatility, helping minimise oil consumption

• PSA B1-2312



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