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CarPlan Demon Ice is a 2 in 1 Ice Preventer & De-Icer. The night before... just spray on and leave, Demon Ice stays where its sprayed. No ice will form... Just drive away in the morning. As a De-Icer... watch the ice melt from your car instantly, also helps to prevent re-freezing when left on the glass. Demon Ice is a concentrated formula for safer winter driving.



  • Prevents over night freezing
  • Fast morning de-icing
  • Protects against freezing to -20°C
  • Pleasant cherry fragrance



The night before expected frost: Shake bottle well, apply onto the glass. Do not wipe off. In the morning use windscreen wipers and screenwash to remove any excess product and traces of ice. For windows without wiper blades, use a squeegee to remove the product prior to driving.

To De-Ice: Remove any heavy deposits of snow. Spray close to the windscreen, starting at the top, move across and work down holding the spray in an upright position. Clear excess product with windscreen wipers.



1L - CDI001

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