Bluecol 3in1 Summer Car Ready Mixed Screenwash - 5L

BluecolSKU: TETBYS050

Sale price £5.75


Bluecol 3-in-1 Summer Screenwash is the smartest screenwash available. Not only does it remove road grime, dust, tree sap and other dirt instantly, but it also applies an invisible layer of Rain Repellent. This coating combines a special technology that prevents water and other contaminants from sticking to your windscreen, drastically improving your driving experience especially during poor weather. Rain Repellent also actively prevents bugs from sticking to your windscreen.


  • 3 in 1 Screenwash: Screenwash, Bug Shifter & Rain Repellent 
  • Scientifically formulated to effectively clean a windscreen instantly 
  • Applies a smart film of rain repellent


This product contains Bitrex, which helps prevent accidental swallowing by children or pets

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