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Kentucky Mop Bucket with Wringer (20L)
FPM Pump Sprayer (10L)
Draper FPM Pump Sprayer (10L)
Sale price£58.98
Save £56
230V Multi Process Welder MIG/TIG/MMA (200A)
Draper 230V Multi Process Welder MIG/TIG/MMA (200A)
Sale price£384.98 Regular price£440.98
24" Combined Roller Cabinet and Tool Chest (6 Drawers)
Save £15
Axle Stands - 6 Tonne (Pair)Axle Stands - 6 Tonne (Pair)
Draper Axle Stands - 6 Tonne (Pair)
Sale price£254.98 Regular price£269.98
Heavy Duty Trolley Jack with Twin Pistons (3 Tonne)
Save £8
550mm Precision Mitre Saw
Draper 550mm Precision Mitre Saw
Sale price£64.98 Regular price£72.98
Mechanic's Creeper
Draper Mechanic's Creeper
Sale price£67.98
Save £3.50
Knapsack Pressure Sprayer - 12LKnapsack Pressure Sprayer (12L)
Draper Knapsack Pressure Sprayer - 12L
Sale price£43.98 Regular price£47.48
EOBD Memory Saver
Draper EOBD Memory Saver
Sale price£29.98
Air Belt Sander (10mm)
Draper Air Belt Sander (10mm)
Sale price£38.98
180mm Sander/Polisher (1200W)180mm Sander/Polisher (1200W)
Air Body Saw
Draper Air Body Saw
Sale price£28.98
Draper Hi-Torq Metric Combination Spanner Set (25 Piece)
1/2" BSP Combined Filter/Regulator/Lubricator
Save £3
Digital Petrol Compression Test Kit (8 Piece)
Draper Digital Petrol Compression Test Kit (8 Piece)
Sale price£46.98 Regular price£49.98
Save £14.50
115mm Angle Grinder (950W)115mm Angle Grinder (950W)
Draper 115mm Angle Grinder (950W)
Sale price£44.98 Regular price£59.48
Save £2
Rolling Lawn Aerator (450mm Spiked Drum)Rolling Lawn Aerator (450mm Spiked Drum)
Draper Rolling Lawn Aerator (450mm Spiked Drum)
Sale price£35.98 Regular price£37.98
Save £55.50
Evolution Trolley Jack - 3 Tonne
Draper Evolution Trolley Jack - 3 Tonne
Sale price£346.98 Regular price£402.48
Stainless Steel Soft Grip Garden SpadeStainless Steel Soft Grip Garden Spade
Work Stool
Draper Work Stool
Sale price£60.98
Save £63
Hydraulic Puller Kit - 10 tonneHydraulic Puller Kit - 10 tonne
Draper Hydraulic Puller Kit - 10 tonne
Sale price£106.98 Regular price£169.98
Air Ratchet (3/8" Sq. Dr.)