Camping Essentials from Arnold Clark Autoparts

Camping is a great outdoor pursuit – but it’s vital to have the essentials for safely staying outdoors. Arnold Clark Autoparts has you covered in every department.

It’s estimated that more than 4.5 million people in the UK have been on a caravan or camping holiday since Spring 2020.

So, whether you’re a camping veteran, or planning your first trip, we’ve rounded up our top camping essentials, and some luxuries that will help bring some of the comforts of home along with you.

Camping equipment

You’ve found your perfect pitch: flat, smooth, soft ground, with potential shelter against the elements; a place to park your car nearby and unpack your stores; or an organised space to set up camp with all the facilities you need for washing, cooking, and overall just enjoying a comfortable stay under the stars.

Olympus inflatable 4-person tent

Tents are pretty important for camping, so a good place to start from the range at Arnold Clark Autoparts is the family-sized inflatable tent from Olympus.

Ideal for an outdoor getaway with family and friends, the Olympus 4-person tent comes with an air pump that inflates the structure, while there are guy ropes and tent pegs to keep your inflatable abode upright.

As well as being roomy, it’s robust against the rain and the morning dew, with a groundsheet to keep the cold and dewy damp that arrives with even the most forgiving morning weather.

Keep everyone happy campers with the Olympus inflatable four-person tent.

A comfy mattress – for camping?

It’s hardly glamping territory to suggest that you should sleep comfortably while out camping, whether that’s on a managed site in a popular haven for caravaners and campers, or out in the ‘sticks’ on rougher unmanaged terrain.

Leisurewize’s inflatable car mattress is also designed for use in tents, giving you a soft cushion of air - not to mention a fuzzy fabric feeling on your face from its two inflatable pillows when you settle down at night. What’s more, it’s easy to inflate and deflate, meaning you can set up and decamp sharp, should your plans (or even the weather) change.

As a last resort – or for the Munro-baggers out there - this solo camper can be used in the back seat of a car should the weather in typical Scottish Highland style really turn for the worse.

The mattress is inflatable through your vehicle’s 12-volt power supply, and features both a repair kit and carry bag. Its dimensions are 130cm x 74cm x 10cm.

Settle down to slumber with the inflatable car mattress from Leisurewize.

More outdoor essentials

Cooking with gas electric power

The Yoga BBQ grill and camping cooker is a fantastic tool which allows you to make meals for al fresco dining in even the remotest locations.

Heating up quickly, its battery-powered fan gets to work and will cook your chosen charcuterie for up to two hours on the grill!

Versatile, too, the Yoga can be powered by either 4 AA batteries, or through a USB power supply.

Make excellent food on the grill, wherever you are, with the Yoga BBQ grill and camping cooker.

15-litre water carrier

This water carrier from Streetwize will allow you to carry drinking and cooking water with ease, thanks to its wide easy-grip handle. It’s great for long journeys and for overnight stays, with a 15-litre capacity that will keep you hydrated and give you a water supply at arm’s reach when camping further out in the wilds.

Fill up on a key camping provision here.

For the animals

Pet cool mat

If you’re going on a long drive to get to your holiday destination, it’s important to keep any pets you’re bringing with you comfortable, and cool.

The  is the perfect companion for your back-seat buddy. Designed to absorb heat from the animal, the mat dissipates heat back into the air, in a safe and gradual way, keeping your pet cool even in the height of summer.

As well as performance, there’s practicality, too, with the mat’s waterproof and hygienic wipe-clean surface meaning any little accidents can be easily dealt with at the roadside.

Keep your pets cool in all situations with the pet cool mat from Leisurewize.


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