Yuasa YBX5100 - 100 Silver High Performance SMF Car Battery - 5 Year Warranty

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YBX5100 12V 75Ah 710A Yuasa Silver High Performance Battery
Capacity at 20-hour Rate (Ah): 75
Cold Cranking Performance (Amps) EN1: 710
  • Up to 50,000 engine starts
  • For vehicles with high power demands
  • Maximum plates for superior starting power
  • Rollover proof lid for extra safety
  • Ideal for cold weather climates
  • Premium choice for superior power & performance

Yuasa YBX® conventional automotive batteries are:

  • Original equipment (OE) quality, performance & specification
  • Fully maintenance free
  • Supplied charged & ready to fit
  • Designed with enhanced safety features including integrated flame arrestor & carrying handles

Battery Fitment - Alfa Romeo 156 (932_), Alfa Romeo 156 Sportwagon (932_), Alfa Romeo 159 (939_), Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon (939_), Alfa Romeo 90 (162_), Alfa Romeo Gt (937_), Audi 100 (44, 44Q, C3), Audi 100 Avant (44, Audi 100 C2 Avant (435, 436), Audi 100 C2 Saloon (431, 433, 434), Audi 100 C3 Avant (445, 446), Audi 100 C3 Saloon (443, 444), Audi 100 C4 Avant (4A5), Audi 100 C4 Saloon (4A2), Audi 200 (44, 44Q), Audi 200 Avant (44, Audi 200 C2 Saloon (437, 438), Audi 200 C3 Avant (447, 448), Audi 200 C3 Saloon (447, Audi 80 Avant (8C5, B4), Audi 80 B2 Saloon (811, 813, 814, 819, 853), Audi 80 B3 Saloon (893, 894, 8A2), Audi 80 B4 Avant (8C5), Audi 80 B4 Saloon (8C2), Audi 90 (89, 89Q, 8A, B3), Audi 90 B2 (813, Audi A4 (8D2, B5), Audi A4 B5 (8D2), Audi A4 B5 Avant (8D5), Audi A6 (4B2, C5), Audi A6 Avant (4A5, C4), Audi A6 Avant (4B5, Audi A6 C4 (4A2), Audi A6 C4 Avant (4A5), Audi Allroad (4Bh, Audi Cabriolet (8G7, Audi Cabriolet B3 (8G7), Audi Coupe (81, 85), Audi Coupe (89, 8B), Audi Coupe B2 (81, 855, 856), Audi Coupe B3 (89, 8B3), Audi Quattro (85), Austin Maestro (Xc), Austin Maestro Fastback (Xc), Austin Montego (Xe), Austin Montego Estate (Xe), Bentley Arnage (Rbs_), Bmw 3 (E30), Bmw 3 (E36), Bmw 3 (E46), Bmw 3 Compact (E36), Bmw 3 Convertible (E30), Bmw 3 Convertible (E36), Bmw 3 Convertible (E46), Bmw 3 Coupe (E36), Bmw 3 Coupe (E46), Bmw 3 Touring (E30), Bmw 3 Touring (E36), Bmw 3 Touring (E46), Bmw 5 (E28), Bmw 5 (E34), Bmw 5 (E39), Bmw 5 Touring (E34), Bmw 5 Touring (E39), Bmw 6 (E24), Bmw 7 (E23), Bmw 8 (E31), Daimler Xj 40, 81, Ferrari 360 (F131), Ferrari Testarossa, Fiat Argenta (132_), Fiat Marea (185_), Fiat Marea Weekend (185_), Ford B-Max (Jk), Ford C-Max (Dm2), Ford C-Max Ii (Dxa/Cb7, Dxa/Ceu), Ford Ecosport, Ford Escort Mk V Turnier (Anl), Ford Escort Mk Vi Saloon (Gal), Ford Fiesta Vi (Cb1, Ccn), Ford Fiesta Vi Van, Ford Fiesta Vii, Ford Fiesta Vii Van, Ford Focus (Daw, Dbw), Ford Focus C-Max (Dm2), Ford Focus I Estate Van (Dnw), Ford Focus Ii (Da_, Hcp, Dp), Ford Focus Ii Convertible, Ford Focus Ii Estate Van, Ford Focus Ii Saloon (Db_, Fch, Dh), Ford Focus Ii Station Wagon (Da_, Ffs, Ds), Ford Focus Iii, Ford Focus Iii Saloon, Ford Focus Iii Turnier, Ford Focus Saloon (Dfw), Ford Focus Turnier (Dnw), Ford Fusion (Ju_), Ford Galaxy (Wgr), Ford Galaxy (Wm), Ford Granada (Gu), Ford Granada Ii (Gu), Ford Granada Mk Iii  (Gae, Gge), Ford Granada Mk Iii  Saloon (Gge), Ford Granada Mk Iii  Turnier (Gge), Ford Granada Turnier (Gnu), Ford Grand C-Max (Dxa/Cb7, Ford Kuga I, Ford Kuga Ii (Dm2), Ford Mondeo Iv (Ba7), Ford Mondeo Iv Saloon (Ba7), Ford Mondeo Iv Turnier (Ba7), Ford Mondeo Mk Iii (B5Y), Ford Mondeo Mk Iii Saloon (B4Y), Ford Mondeo Mk Iii Turnier (Bwy), Ford Ranger (Tke), Ford Scorpio Mk Ii (Gfr, Ggr), Ford Scorpio Mk Ii Turnier (Gnr, Ford Sierra (Gbg, Gb4), Ford Sierra Ii Turnier (Bng), Ford Sierra Turnier (Bnc), Ford Sierra Turnier (Bng), Ford S-Max (Cj, Wa6), Ford S-Max (Wa6), Ford S-Max (Ws), Ford Tourneo Connect, Ford Tourneo Connect / Grand Tourneo Connect Kombi, Ford Tourneo Courier Kombi, Ford Tourneo Custom Bus, Ford Transit Box, Ford Transit Box (Fa_ _), Ford Transit Box (V_ _), Ford Transit Bus, Ford Transit Bus (E_ _), Ford Transit Bus (Fd_ _, Fb_ _, Fs_ _, Fz_ _, Fc_ _), Ford Transit Bus (T_ _), Ford Transit Bus (V_ _), Ford Transit Connect (P65_, P70_, P80_), Ford Transit Connect Box, Ford Transit Connect Estate, Ford Transit Courier Box, Ford Transit Courier Kombi, Ford Transit Custom Box, Ford Transit Custom Bus, Ford Transit Platform/Chassis, Ford Transit Platform/Chassis (E_ _), Ford Transit Platform/Chassis (Fm_ _, Fn_ _), Ford Transit Platform/Chassis (T_ _), Ford Transit Platform/Chassis (V_ _), Ford Transit Tourneo, Ford Transit Tourneo (Fc_ _), Ford Transit Van (E_ _), Ford Transit Van (Fa_ _), Ford Transit Van (T_ _), Ford Transit Van (V_ _), Ford Asia / Oceania Freda Bus (Kh-Sglwf, Kh-Sglw3F, Kh-Sgl5F), Ford Usa Mustang Convertible, Ford Usa Mustang Coupe, Ford Usa Taurus (P5_), Ford Usa Taurus Wagon (P5_), Honda Accord Mk Vii Coupe (Cg), Honda Accord Vi (Ck, Cg, Ch, Cf8), Jaguar Xj (X300, X330), Jaguar Xj (Xj40, Xj81), Jaguar Xj Coupe, Jaguar Xjsc Convertible (X27), Lotus Esprit S4 (082), Lotus Evora, Mazda 121 Iii (Jasm, Jbsm), Mazda 2 (Dy), Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W202), Mercedes-Benz C-Class T-Model (S202), Mercedes-Benz E-Class (W124), Mercedes-Benz E-Class T-Model (S124), Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe (C126), Mg Mg X-Power, Mg Mg Zs, Mg Mg Zs Hatchback, Nissan Almera Mk Ii (N16), Nissan Almera Tino (V10), Nissan Kubistar Box (X76), Nissan Kubistar Van (X76), Nissan Note (E11, Ne11), Nissan Nt400 Cabstar (F24F), Nissan Primastar Box (X83), Nissan Primastar Van (X83), Nissan Primera (P12), Nissan Primera Estate (Wp12), Nissan Primera Hatchback (P12), Opel Arena Box (A97), Opel Arena Box (Tb, Tf), Opel Astra G Box (F70), Opel Astra G Convertible (T98), Opel Astra G Coupe (T98), Opel Astra G Estate (T98), Opel Astra G Hatchback (T98), Opel Astra G Saloon (T98), Opel Astra H (A04), Opel Astra H Estate (A04), Opel Astra H Twintop (A04), Opel Astra H Van (L70), Opel Astra J (P10), Opel Astra J Saloon, Opel Astra J Sports Tourer (P10), Opel Astra K (B16), Opel Campo (Tf0, Tf1), Opel Combo Box Body / Estate (X12), Opel Corsa D (S07), Opel Corsa D Van (S07), Opel Insignia A (G09), Opel Insignia A Country Tourer (G09), Opel Insignia A Saloon (G09), Opel Insignia A Sports Tourer (G09), Opel Meriva A Mpv (X03), Opel Meriva B Mpv (S10), Opel Omega B (V94), Opel Omega B Estate (V94), Opel Rekord E (17_, 11_, 14_, 16_, 18_, 19_), Opel Rekord E Estate (61_, 66_, 67_), Opel Signum Hatchback (Z03), Opel Sintra (Apv), Opel Vectra B (J96), Opel Vectra B Estate (J96), Opel Vectra B Hatchback (J96), Opel Vectra C (Z02), Opel Vectra C Estate (Z02), Opel Vectra C Gts (Z02), Opel Vivaro B Box (X82), Opel Vivaro B Combi (X82), Opel Zafira / Zafira Family B (A05), Opel Zafira A Mpv (T98), Opel Zafira B (A05), Opel Zafira B Box Body/Mpv (A05), Opel Zafira Tourer C (P12), Porsche 911, Porsche 911 (964), Porsche 912, Porsche 912 Targa, Porsche 944, Porsche 944 Convertible, Porsche 968, Porsche 968 Convertible, Renault Avantime (De0_), Renault Clio Grandtour (Kr0/1_), Renault Clio Iii (Br0/1, Cr0/1), Renault Clio Iv (Bh_), Renault Fluence (L3_), Renault Grand Scénic Ii (Jm0/1_), Renault Grand Scénic Iii (Jz0/1_), Renault Laguna Ii (Bg0/1_), Renault Laguna Ii Sport Tourer (Kg0/1_), Renault Megane Ii (Bm0/1_, Cm0/1_), Renault Megane Ii Coupé-Cabriolet (Em0/1_), Renault Megane Ii Saloon (Lm0/1_), Renault Megane Ii Sport Tourer (Km0/1_), Renault Modus / Grand Modus (F/Jp0_), Renault Scénic Ii (Jm0/1_), Renault Trafic Ii Van (Fl), Rover 25 Hatchback (Rf), Rover 45 Hatchback (Rt), Rover 45 Saloon (Rt), Rover 800 Coupe, Rover Maestro Hatchback, Rover Montego Estate (Xe), Rover Streetwise Hatchback, Seat Ibiza Mk Ii (6K1), Seat Leon (1M1), Seat Toledo   (1L), Seat Toledo   (1L2), Skoda Octavia Ii (1Z3), Skoda Octavia Ii Combi (1Z5), Suzuki Ignis Ii (Mh), Suzuki Splash (Ex), Tvr 280 Convertible, Tvr 280 Coupe, Tvr 350 Convertible, Tvr 350 Coupe, Tvr 390, Tvr 400, Tvr 420 Convertible, Tvr 420 Sports Saloon, Tvr 450, Vauxhall Astra Mk Iv (G) Convertible (T98), Vauxhall Astra Mk Iv (G) Coupe (T98), Vauxhall Astra Mk Iv (G) Estate (T98), Vauxhall Astra Mk Iv (G) Hatchback (T98), Vauxhall Astra Mk Iv (G) Saloon (T98), Vauxhall Astra Mk V (H) (A04), Vauxhall Astra Mk V (H) Estate (A04), Vauxhall Astra Mk V (H) Sport Hatch (A04), Vauxhall Astra Mk Vi (J) (P10), Vauxhall Astra Mk Vi (J) Estate (P10), Vauxhall Astra Mk Vi (J) Gtc (P10), Vauxhall Astra Mk Vii (K) (B16), Vauxhall Astra Mk Vii (K) Estate (B16), Vauxhall Astravan Mk Iv (G) (T98), Vauxhall Astravan Mk V (H) (A04), Vauxhall Carlton Mk Ii Saloon, Vauxhall Carlton Mk Iii Estate (V87), Vauxhall Carlton Mk Iii Saloon (V87), Vauxhall Combo Mk Ii (C) Box Body / Estate (F25), Vauxhall Combo Mk Iii (D) Box Body / Estate (X12), Vauxhall Corsa Mk I (B) (S93), Vauxhall Corsa Mk Ii (C) (X01), Vauxhall Corsa Mk Iii (D) (S07), Vauxhall Corsavan Mk I (B) (S93), Vauxhall Corsavan Mk Ii (C) (X01), Vauxhall Corsavan Mk Iii (D) (S07), Vauxhall Insignia Mk I (A) Country Tourer (G09), Vauxhall Insignia Mk I (A) Hatchback (G09), Vauxhall Insignia Mk I (A) Saloon (G09), Vauxhall Insignia Mk I (A) Sports Tourer (G09), Vauxhall Meriva Mk I (A) (X03), Vauxhall Meriva Mk Ii (B) (S10), Vauxhall Monaro (Vy, Vz), Vauxhall Omega (B) Estate (V94), Vauxhall Omega (B) Saloon (V94), Vauxhall Signum (Z03), Vauxhall Vectra (B) Estate (J96), Vauxhall Vectra (B) Hatchback (J96), Vauxhall Vectra (B) Saloon (J96), Vauxhall Vectra Mk Ii (C) (Z02), Vauxhall Vectra Mk Ii (C) Estate (Z02), Vauxhall Ve

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