Yuasa YBX5063 - 063 Silver High Performance SMF Car Battery - 5 Year Warranty

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YBX5063 12V 52Ah 520A Yuasa Silver High-Performance Battery

Capacity at 20-hour Rate (Ah): 52
Cold Cranking Performance (Amps) EN1: 520
  • Up to 50,000 engine starts
  • For vehicles with high power demands
  • Maximum plates for superior starting power
  • Rollover proof lid for extra safety
  • Ideal for cold weather climates
  • Premium choice for superior power & performance

Yuasa YBX® conventional automotive batteries are:

  • Original equipment (OE) quality, performance & specification
  • Fully maintenance free
  • Supplied charged & ready to fit
  • Designed with enhanced safety features including integrated flame arrestor & carrying handles


Battery Fitment - Alfa Romeo 33 (905_), Alfa Romeo 33 Sportwagon (905_), Alfa Romeo 33 Sportwagon (905A_), Alfa Romeo Alfasud (901_), Alfa Romeo Alfasud Giardinetta (904_), Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint (902_), Audi 100 (44, 44Q, C3), Audi 100 C3 Saloon (443, 444), Audi 50 (863), Audi 60, Audi 60 (613, 615), Audi 60 Variant, Audi 75 (613, Audi 75 Variant (615), Audi 80 (80, 82, B1), Audi 80 (81, 85, B2), Audi 80 (89, 89Q, 8A, B3), Audi 80 B1 Saloon (80, 82), Audi 80 B2 Saloon (811, 813, 814, 819, 853), Audi 80 B3 Saloon (893, 894, 8A2), Audi 80 B4 Saloon (8C2), Audi 80 Variant, Audi Super 90, Austin Maestro (Xc), Austin Maestro Fastback (Xc), Austin Montego (Xe), Austin Montego Estate (Xe), Bedford Astra Van Box Body / Estate, Bedford Astramax Box, Bedford Brava, Bmw 3 (E30), Bmw 3 Convertible (E30), Bmw 3 Touring (E30), Citroën 2 Cv, Citroën Ax (Za-_), Citroën Bx (Xb-_), Citroën Bx Break (Xb-_), Citroën C15 (Vd-_), Citroën C15 Box Body/Mpv (Vd_), Citroën Dyane, Citroën Gs, Citroën Gs Break, Citroën Visa, Citroën Visa Convertible, Citroën Zx (N2), Dacia Logan (Ls_), Dacia Logan Express (Fs_), Dacia Logan Mcv (Ks_), Dacia Logan Pickup (Us_), Daewoo Espero (Klej), Daf 46, Daf 46 Estate, Daf 55, Daf 55 Coupe, Daf 55 Estate, Daf 66, Daf 66 Coupe, Daf 66 Estate, Fiat Barchetta (183_), Fiat Brava (182_), Fiat Bravo I (182_), Fiat Cinquecento (170_), Fiat Doblo Mpv (119_, 223_), Fiat Marea (185_), Fiat Marea Weekend (185_), Fiat Panda (141_), Fiat Panda Hatchback Van (141_), Fiat Panda Van (141_), Fiat Punto Convertible (176_), Fiat Tempra (159_), Fiat Tempra S.W. (159_), Fiat Tipo (160_), Fiat Uno (146_), Fiat Uno Box (146_), Ford B-Max (Jk), Ford Capri Mk Ii (Gecp), Ford Capri Mk Iii (Gecp), Ford C-Max (Dm2), Ford Consul (Ggfl), Ford Consul Coupe (Ggcl), Ford Consul Turnier (Ggnl), Ford Cortina, Ford Cortina (Gbfk), Ford Cortina (Gbtk), Ford Cortina (Gbts, Gbfs, Cbts), Ford Cortina '80 Turnier (Gbns), Ford Cortina Coach, Ford Cortina Coach Coupe (Gbck), Ford Cortina Estate Estate, Ford Cortina Estate Turnier (Gbnk), Ford Cortina Estate Turnier (Gbns), Ford Courier Box (F3L, F5L), Ford Courier Box (Jv_), Ford Courier Box Body/Mpv (F3L, Ford Courier Box Body/Mpv (J5_, J3_), Ford Econovan (Kba, Kca), Ford Econovan Box (Kaa), Ford Escort '86 Express (Avf), Ford Escort '95 Box (Avl), Ford Escort Iii (Gaa), Ford Escort Iii Express (Ava), Ford Escort Iv Express (Avf), Ford Escort Mk Ii (Ath), Ford Escort Mk Ii Turnier, Ford Escort Mk Iii Convertible (Ald), Ford Escort Mk Iii Turnier (Awa), Ford Escort Mk Iv (Gaf, Awf, Abft), Ford Escort Mk Iv Convertible (Alf), Ford Escort Mk Iv Turnier (Awf, Avf), Ford Escort Mk V Convertible (All), Ford Escort Mk V Turnier (Anl), Ford Escort Mk Vi (Aal, Abl), Ford Escort Mk Vi Saloon (Afl), Ford Escort Mk Vi Saloon (Gal), Ford Escort Mk Vii (Gal, Aal, Ford Escort Mk Vii Convertible (All), Ford Escort Mk Vii Saloon (Gal, Afl), Ford Escort Mk Vii Turnier (Gal, Anl), Ford Escort V Express (Avf), Ford Escort Vi Estate Van (Avl), Ford Fiesta   (Gfbt), Ford Fiesta Box (Fvd), Ford Fiesta Hatchback Van (Fvd), Ford Fiesta Hatchback Van (Wfvt), Ford Fiesta Mk Ii (Fbd), Ford Fiesta Mk Iii (Gfj), Ford Fiesta Mk Iv (Ja_, Jb_), Ford Fiesta V (Jh_, Jd_), Ford Fiesta V Van, Ford Fiesta Vi (Cb1, Ccn), Ford Fiesta Vi Van, Ford Focus (Daw, Dbw), Ford Focus C-Max (Dm2), Ford Focus Ii (Da_, Hcp, Dp), Ford Focus Ii Convertible, Ford Focus Ii Estate Van, Ford Focus Ii Saloon (Db_, Fch, Dh), Ford Focus Ii Station Wagon (Da_, Ffs, Ds), Ford Focus Saloon (Dfw), Ford Focus Turnier (Dnw), Ford Fusion (Ju_), Ford Granada Mk Iii  (Gae, Gge), Ford Granada Mk Iii  Saloon (Gge), Ford Granada Mk Iii  Turnier (Gge), Ford Ka (Rb_), Ford Ka (Ru8), Ford Ka Van (Rb), Ford Mondeo   (Gbp), Ford Mondeo   Saloon (Gbp), Ford Mondeo   Turnier (Bnp), Ford Mondeo Mk Ii Saloon (Bfp), Ford Mondeo Mk Ii Turnier (Bnp), Ford Orion   (Afd), Ford Orion Iii (Gal), Ford Orion Mk Ii (Aff), Ford Orion Mk Iii (Gal), Ford P 100, Ford P 100 Mk Ii, Ford Puma (Ec_), Ford Sierra (Gbg, Gb4), Ford Sierra Hatchback (Gbc), Ford Sierra Hatchback (Gbc, Gbg), Ford Sierra I Hatchback (Gbc), Ford Sierra Ii Hatchback (Gbc, Ford Sierra Ii Sapphire (Gbg, Ford Sierra Ii Turnier (Bng), Ford Sierra Turnier (Bnc), Ford Sierra Turnier (Bng), Ford Street Ka (Rl2), Ford Taunus 12M Ii (11G), Ford Taunus 12M Ii (12G), Ford Taunus 12M Ii Coupe (13G), Ford Taunus 12M Ii Turnier (15G), Ford Taunus 15M I, Ford Taunus 15M Ii (21G), Ford Taunus 15M Ii (22G), Ford Taunus 15M Ii (28G), Ford Taunus 15M Ii (29G), Ford Taunus 15M Ii Coupe (23G), Ford Taunus 15M Ii Turnier (25G), Ford Taunus 17M I, Ford Taunus 17M Ii (21), Ford Taunus 17M Ii (31F), Ford Taunus 17M Ii (32F), Ford Taunus 17M Ii (P3), Ford Taunus 17M Ii Coupe (33F), Ford Taunus 17M Ii Coupe (P3), Ford Taunus 17M Ii Turnier, Ford Taunus 17M Ii Turnier (21), Ford Taunus 17M Ii Turnier (35F), Ford Taunus 17M Ii Turnier (36F), Ford Taunus 17M Ii Turnier (P3), Ford Taunus 20M Ii Xl (51F), Ford Taunus 20M Ii Xl (52F), Ford Taunus 20M Ii Xl Coupe (53F), Ford Taunus 26M Xl (52F), Ford Taunus 26M Xl Coupe (53F), Ford Taunus Coupe, Ford Transit Connect (P65_, P70_, P80_), Ford Otosan Anadol, Ford Otosan Anadol Estate, Ford Otosan Taunus, Honda Accord Mk Iv Aerodeck (Cb), Honda Accord Mk Iv Coupe (Cb, Cc), Honda Concerto (Hw, Ma), Honda Concerto Saloon (Hww), Innocenti Mini, Isuzu Midi Box (98000N), Isuzu Midi Bus (94000, 98000), Isuzu Midi Van (94000, Lancia Prisma (831_), Lancia Y10 (156_), Lotus Elise, Lotus Elise 340 R, Lotus Exige (Scc_), Mazda 121 Iii (Jasm, Jbsm), Mazda 2 (De_, Dh_3), Mazda 2 (Dy), Mazda Mx-5   (Na), Mazda Mx-5 Mk Ii (Nb), Mg Express Box, Mg Maestro, Mg Mg Zr, Mg Mg Zs, Mg Mg Zs Hatchback, Mg Mgf (Rd), Mg Montego, Morgan Roadster Convertible, Nissan Almera Mk Ii (N16), Nissan Almera Tino (V10), Nissan Kubistar Box (X76), Nissan Micra C+C Iii (K12), Nissan Micra I (K10), Nissan Micra Iii (K12), Nissan Note (E11, Ne11), Nissan Primera (P11), Nissan Primera Hatchback (P11), Nissan Primera Traveller (Wp11), Opel Agila (A) (H00), Opel Agila (B) (H08), Opel Ascona B (81_, 86_, 87_, 88_), Opel Ascona C (J82), Opel Ascona C Hatchback (J82), Opel Astra F (T92), Opel Astra F Classic Saloon (T92), Opel Astra F Convertible (T92), Opel Astra F Estate (T92), Opel Astra F Hatchback (T92), Opel Astra F Van (T92), Opel Astra G Coupe (T98), Opel Astra G Hatchback (T98), Opel Astra H (A04), Opel Astra H Classic Estate (A04), Opel Astra H Estate (A04), Opel Combo Box Body / Estate, Opel Combo Box Body/Mpv (71_), Opel Commodore C (14_, 19_), Opel Corsa A Box (S83), Opel Corsa A Hatchback (S83), Opel Corsa A Hatchback Van (S83), Opel Corsa A Tr (S83), Opel Corsa B (S93), Opel Corsa B Box (S93), Opel Corsa C (X01), Opel Corsa C Box (X01), Opel Corsa E (X15), Opel Kadett D (31_-34_, 41_-44_), Opel Kadett D (32_,37_,39, _42), Opel Kadett D Estate (35_, 36_, 45_, 46_), Opel Kadett E (T85), Opel Kadett E Box (T85), Opel Kadett E Combo (T85), Opel Kadett E Convertible (T85), Opel Kadett E Estate (T85), Opel Kadett E Hatchback (T85), Opel Manta B Hatchback (53_, 55_), Opel Meriva B Mpv (S10), Opel Rekord E (17_, 11_, 14_, 16_, 18_, Opel Rekord E Estate (61_, 66_, 67_), Opel Tigra (S93), Opel Tigra Twintop (X04), Opel Vectra A (J89), Opel Vectra A Hatchback (J89), Opel Vectra B (J96), Opel Vectra B Estate (J96), Opel Vectra B Hatchback (J96), Opel Zafira A Mpv (T98), Opel Zafira B (A05), Opel Zafira B Van (A05), Peugeot 106   (1A, 1C), Peugeot 106 I (1A, Peugeot 106 Van I Box Body / Hatchback (1S_), Peugeot 205   (741A/C), Peugeot 205   Convertible (741B, 20D), Peugeot 205 Box, Peugeot 205 Mk Ii (20A/C), Peugeot 205 Van, Peugeot 305   (581A), Peugeot 305   Break (581D), Peugeot 305 Box Body / Estate (581S), Peugeot 305 Mk Ii (581M), Peugeot 305 Mk Ii Break (581E), Peugeot 504 Pickup (E_), Peugeot 505 (551A), Peugeot 505 Break (551D), Peugeot Expert Van (222), Porsche 911, Porsche 911 (964), Porsche 911 (993), Porsche 911 (996), Porsche 911 Targa, Porsche 911 Targa (993), Porsche 914, Ranger Rekord, Reliant Scimitar Roadster, Reliant Scimitar Sabre Roadster, Renault 11 (B/C37_), Renault 11 Box (S37_), Renault 19   (B/C53_), Renault 19   Cabriolet (D53_), Renault 19   Chamade (L53_), Renault 21 (B48_), Renault 21 Saloon (L48_), Renault


Technical Specification

Case TypeLB1Voltage12VCapacity at 20-hour Rate (Ah)52

Cold Cranking Performance (Amps) EN1520

Mean Weight with Acid (kg) 12.1

Cell Layout 0

Terminal T1

Recommended Charge Rate (Amps)3

Handles Yes

End-Venting Yes

State of Charge IndicatorYes

Water Loss W4

Charge RetentionC2



Terminal TypeT1

Length (mm) 207

Width (mm) 175

Height (mm) 175

NCC Class N/A

Feature Range YBX5000 Silver High-Performance SMF Batteries

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