Yuasa YBX3057 - 057 SMF Car Battery - 4 Year Warranty

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YBX3057 12V 45Ah 400A Yuasa SMF Battery
Capacity at 20-hour Rate (Ah): 45
Cold Cranking Performance (Amps) EN1: 400
  • Up to 30,000 engine starts
  • For vehicles with standard power demands
  • Extra plates for higher starting power
  • Rollover proof lid for extra safety

 Yuasa YBX® conventional automotive batteries are:

  • Original equipment (OE) quality, performance & specification
  • Fully maintenance free
  • Supplied charged & ready to fit
  • Designed with enhanced safety features including integrated flame arrestor & carrying handles

Battery Fitment - Aston Martin Cygnet, Bedford Rascal Box, Bedford Rascal Bus, Bedford Rascal Platform/Chassis, Daihatsu Taft, Daihatsu Terios (J1_), Honda Accord I (Sj, Sy), Honda Accord I Hatchback (Sj, Honda Accord Ii (Ac, Ad), Honda Accord Ii Hatchback (Ac, Honda Acty (Tn), Honda Acty Platform/Chassis (Tn), Honda Ballade Iii Saloon (Am, Ak, Au), Honda Capa, Honda Civic   Hatchback (Sb), Honda Civic   Saloon (Sf), Honda Civic   Shuttle (An, Ar), Honda Civic Del Sol Mk Iii (Eh, Eg), Honda Civic Iii (Al, Aj, Ag, Ah), Honda Civic Mk Ii Estate (Wc), Honda Civic Mk Ii Hatchback (Ss, Sl), Honda Civic Mk Ii Shuttle (Ee), Honda Civic Mk Iii (Al, Honda Civic Mk Iii Hatchback (Ec, Ed, Ee), Honda Civic Mk Iii Saloon (Ed), Honda Civic Mk Iv Fastback (Ma, Mb), Honda Civic Mk Iv Hatchback (Ec, Honda Civic Mk Iv Hatchback (Eg), Honda Civic Mk Iv Saloon (Ed), Honda Civic Mk Iv Saloon (Eg, Eh), Honda Civic Mk V Aerodeck (Mb, Mc), Honda Civic Mk V Coupe (Ej), Honda Civic Mk V Hatchback (Eg), Honda Civic Mk V Hatchback (Ej, Ek), Honda Civic Mk V Saloon (Eg, Honda Civic Mk V Saloon (Ej, Honda Civic Vi Coupe (Ej, Em1), Honda Civic Vi Fastback (Ma, Honda Civic Vi Hatchback (Ej, Honda Civic Vi Saloon (Ej, Honda Civic Vii Coupe (Em2), Honda Civic Vii Hatchback (Eu, Ep, Ev), Honda Civic Vii Saloon (Es, Et), Honda Cr-V I (Rd), Honda Cr-V Iii (Re_), Honda Cr-V Mk Ii (Rd_), Honda Cr-V Mk Iii (Re_), Honda Crx   (Af, As), Honda Crx Mk Ii (Ed, Honda Domani (Mj_), Honda Fr-V (Be), Honda Inspire (Ua1, Ua3), Honda Integra Coupe (Dc2, Dc4), Honda Integra Hatchback (Da), Honda Integra Saloon (Da5, Da6, Da7, Da8, Da9, Db1, Db2), Honda Integra Saloon (Db6, Db7, Db8, Db9), Honda Jazz I (Aa), Honda Logo (Ga), Honda N600 Iii, Honda Prelude   Coupe (Sn), Honda Prelude Iii (Ba), Honda Prelude Mk Ii (Ab), Honda Quintet (Su), Honda S2000 (Ap), Honda Stream (Rn), Hyundai Lantra   (J-1), Hyundai Pony, Hyundai Pony (X-1), Hyundai Pony (X-2), Hyundai Pony / Excel Saloon (X-2), Hyundai Pony Saloon (X-1), Hyundai Pony Wagon, Hyundai Stellar (F31_, Sf2_), Mazda Az Offroad, Mazda Rx-5, Mitsubishi Colt Mk Iv (Ca_A), Mitsubishi Colt Mk V (Cj_, Cp_), Mitsubishi Galant Mk Iii (E1_A), Mitsubishi Lancer   (A17_), Mitsubishi Lancer F (A15_), Mitsubishi Lancer Mk Iii Station Wagon (C1_V, C3_V), Mitsubishi Space Star Mpv (Dg_A), Nissan Cherry (E10) I, Nissan Cherry Ii Coupe (N10), Nissan Cherry Ii Hatchback (N10), Nissan Cherry Ii Traveller (Vn10), Nissan Cherry Iii (N12), Nissan Datsun 100A (E10, Blf10), Nissan Datsun 100A Estate (Wblf10), Nissan Largo (C23), Nissan Micra I (K10), Reliant Scimitar Station Wagon, Rover 400 Ii (Rt), Rover 400 Ii Hatchback (Rt), Subaru Impreza Hatchback (Gr, Gh, G3), Suzuki Jimny Closed Off-Road Vehicle (Sn), Suzuki Jimny Open Off-Road Vehicle (Sn), Suzuki Sx4 (Ey, Gy), Suzuki Sx4 Saloon (Gy), Suzuki Sx4 Saloon (Gy, Rw), Toyota Corolla Compact (_E11_), Toyota Corolla Estate (_E11_), Toyota Corolla Liftback (_E11_), Toyota Corolla Saloon (_E12_), Toyota Cynos Coupe (_L5_), Toyota Cynos Coupe (El54_), Toyota Iq (_J1_), Toyota Liteace Box (_M3_), Toyota Liteace Box (_R2__V), Toyota Liteace Bus (_M3_), Toyota Liteace Bus (_R2_Lg), Toyota Liteace Van (_M2_), Toyota Liteace Van (_M3_), Toyota Liteace Wagon (Ym2_, Cm2_, Km2_), Toyota Model F (Cr2_, Yr2_), Toyota Modell F (Cr2_, Toyota Opa (Zct1_, Act1_), Toyota Paseo Convertible (El54_), Toyota Rav 4   (_A1_), Toyota Rav 4 Mk Ii (_A2_), Toyota Sera Coupe (Exy1_), Toyota Town Ace Bus (_R2_, _R3_), Toyota Yaris Verso (_P2_), Toyota Yaris/Vitz (_P1_), Toyota Yaris/Vitz (_P13_), Toyota Yaris/Vitz (_P9_), Vauxhall Rascal Bus (Ras), Vauxhall Rascal Pickup (Ras)

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