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YB4L-B (CP) 12V Yuasa Yumicron Motorcycle Battery

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YB4L-B(CP) 12V Yuasa YuMicron Battery
Capacity Ah (20-HR): 4.2
Capacity at 20-hour Rate (Ah): 4.2
Cold Cranking Performance (Amps) EN1: 45
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  • 9 AGM auxiliary batteries
  • 2 Flooded auxiliary batteries
  • 1 AGM starter battery

Fitment Examples

  • Toyota, Honda & Lexus Hybrids
  • Mercedes E & S Class

Motorbike/Scooter Battery -

APRILIA Mojito, APRILIA Rally, APRILIA RS50, APRILIA Scarabeo 50, APRILIA SR50, APRILIA RS250, CAGIVA K3, W4, DERBI All Models, GILERA 503, GILERA Bullit, Easy Moving, Runner, GILERA Eaglet, GILERA Easy Moving, GILERA GSA (Electric-Starter), GILERA Runner, GILERA Runner/SP, GILERA Sioux El.-Starter, GILERA Stalker, Storm, Top Rally, GILERA Typhoon, X, HONDA C50SW, HONDA Fifty, HONDA NB50M Aero, HONDA ND50 M, HONDA NH50 MS, HONDA NN50MD Gyro, HONDA NP50, M Sky, HONDA NQ50 Spree, HONDA NQ50, M, HONDA NU50M Urban Express Deluxe, HONDA NX50M Express SR, HONDA PX50 MS, HONDA PXR, HONDA SH50, HONDA C70CMP, HONDA C70W, HONDA C90 CW, HONDA NT110MV, HONDA NZ110 MM, ITALJET Bazooka, 2, ITALJET Cruise, ITALJET Dragster, ITALJET Formula, ITALJET Pista, ITALJET Reporter, ITALJET Scoop, ITALJET Torpedo, ITALJET Velocifero, KAWASAKI KMX125 A1-A8, A11, KAWASAKI KMX125 B1-B9, KAWASAKI KMX200 A2-A5, KAWASAKI KL250 D2-D16, KAWASAKI KR250 B, C, KR, 1S, KAWASAKI KL600A KLR (Kick-Starter), KTM Kross, LAVERDA Formula, LEM Flash, LEM Ghibli, MALAGUTTI Centro, MALAGUTTI Colors, MALAGUTTI CR1, MALAGUTTI Crosser EL, MALAGUTTI Dune ES, MALAGUTTI Evolution, MALAGUTTI F10, F12/F12LC Twin Disk, MALAGUTTI F15/F15 Twin Disk, MALAGUTTI Fifty Top, MALAGUTTI Mistral, MALAGUTTI New Dribbling, MALAGUTTI Phantom F.12, MALAGUTTI RST, MALAGUTTI Top, MALAGUTTI Yesterday, Euro, MBK Active, MBK Booster, MBK Booster NG, MBK Booster Road, MBK Booster Rocket, MBK Booster Spirit, MBK Booster Track, MBK CTS/SS, MBK Equalis, MBK Evolis, MBK Fizz, MBK Forte, MBK Nitro, MBK Ovetto, MBK Sorriso, MBK Target, MOTRON Compact Racing RZ1, MOTRON Invader, MOTRON Spike, MOTRON Sting, MOTRON Syncro, MOTRON Thunder, MOTRON XLE, PEUGEOT Fox LA, PEUGEOT Buxy, PEUGEOT Buxy RS, PEUGEOT Elyseo, PEUGEOT Elystar TDS, PEUGEOT Fox Lux, PEUGEOT Jet Force, PEUGEOT Liverty, PEUGEOT Looxor, PEUGEOT Ludix, PEUGEOT Rapido/Rapido3, PEUGEOT SCLI Metropolis, PEUGEOT Speedake, PEUGEOT Speedfight 2, PEUGEOT Speedfight/LC, PEUGEOT Squab, PEUGEOT ST, PEUGEOT SV Blue Star, PEUGEOT SV Junior, PEUGEOT SV/SV Geo, PEUGEOT Trekker Road/Off Road, PEUGEOT Vivacity, PEUGEOT X-Fight, PEUGEOT Zenith, PEUGEOT Ciclomotore (Electric-Starter), PGO Big Max, PGO Star-Star II, PIAGGIO Free, FL, PIAGGIO Velofax, PIAGGIO Zip, PIAGGIO Diesis, PIAGGIO Easy Moving, PIAGGIO Fly, PIAGGIO Fly 2T, PIAGGIO Free, FD, PIAGGIO Liberty, PIAGGIO Liberty 2T Sport, PIAGGIO Liberty 2T, 2T RST, PIAGGIO NRG, PIAGGIO NRG MC2, PIAGGIO NRG MC3, PIAGGIO NRG Power, PIAGGIO NRG Power DD, PIAGGIO NRG Power DT, PIAGGIO NTT, PIAGGIO Quartz, PIAGGIO RCR, PIAGGIO Runner SP Race, PIAGGIO Runner SP SC, PIAGGIO Runner SP, DD, FL, PIAGGIO Scatto, PIAGGIO Sfera, RST, PIAGGIO SMT, PIAGGIO SP 50, PIAGGIO Stalker 50, PIAGGIO Stalker Naked, PIAGGIO Storm 50, PIAGGIO Typhoon 50, PIAGGIO Vespa ET2, Injection, PIAGGIO Vespa LX 2T, PIAGGIO Vespa S 50 2T, PIAGGIO Zip FR, RST, SP 2T H2O, PIAGGIO Zip SP (Euro 2), PIAGGIO Zip, Fast Rider, PUCH Lido SL50, Lido Vario, QIANJIANG QJ36-A, QIANJIANG QJ50T, QJ50T-2, RIZZATO Byte AT10, RIZZATO Carosello, RIZZATO Hacker AT12, LC/Racing, SUNDIRO HONDA SDH50QT 16, SUZUKI RG50, SUZUKI TS50W, XA, XK, SUZUKI DG80, SUZUKI RG80, C, SUZUKI TS80X, SUZUKI TS125X, SUZUKI SP200, SUZUKI DR250S, SUZUKI SP250, SUZUKI TS250X, SUZUKI DR500S, SUZUKI SP500, TGB/WINKING AS25 Bunny, TGB/WINKING AS50 X Bunny, TGB/WINKING AS50 X Kurier, TGB/WINKING AT50 Bunny, TGB/WINKING AT50 Bunny Gespann, XinDaZhou HONDA SDH50QT 16, YAMAHA Aero X R, Max, YAMAHA Beluga, YAMAHA Breeze, YAMAHA BWs Bump, Spy, YAMAHA BWs Original, YAMAHA CE50 Riva Jog, YAMAHA CE50S Riva, YAMAHA CG50, Riva, YAMAHA CR50, Z, YAMAHA CW50 Zuma, YAMAHA CW50 Zuma II, YAMAHA CW50, N, RS, RSP, YAMAHA CW50, RS, RSX BWs, YAMAHA CW50L, LN, N, RS, RSP, YAMAHA CW50RSP NG, YAMAHA EW50, YAMAHA EW50N, YAMAHA NEOÕS, YAMAHA NG, YAMAHA Original, YAMAHA SH50 Riva Razz, YAMAHA SH50, E, D, M Riva, YAMAHA Slider, YAMAHA Spy, YAMAHA STS/SS, YAMAHA Why, YAMAHA YE50 Zest, YAMAHA YH50, YAMAHA YM50 Breeze, YAMAHA YN50, M, YAMAHA YQ50, L, YAMAHA CW65, YAMAHA YE80 Zesyt, YAMAHA CR90, ZongShen Piaggio ZIP50

Battery Fitment - Citroën C2 (Jm_), Citroën C3 I (Fc_, Fn_), Citroën C3 Ii (Sc_), Mercedes-Benz Glc (X253), Mercedes-Benz Glc Coupe (C253)

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