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Wonder Wheels Wheel Cleaner - 500ml

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Used by the professionals, Wonder Wheels Original is an outstanding wheel cleaner that is easy to use. Wonder wheels is formulated for use on lacquered wheels, steel wheels and plastic trims.


  • Cuts through dirt, grease & brake dust instantly
  • Ease of application using the Wonder Wheels brush


1. Pour a small amount of Wonder Wheels into the plastic container provided. Apply the liquid to cold wheels with the applicator brush. NOTE: It is recommended that protective gloves are worn

2. Agitate Wonder Wheels to a foam on the wheel surface and work over dust, dirt and grime

3. Rinse off with clean water using a hose, pressure washer, watering can or bucket and sponge

4. Turn wheels half a revolution to avoid missing any soiled areas

TIP: On complicated wheels, use the brush and water to rinse.

Do not use on damaged, un-lacquered, forged, anodized, polished or any type of chrome wheels (including caps, wheel nuts or split rims). Please check with the manufacturer to confirm what type of wheels are on your vehicle. Do not use in direct sunlight. In cold weather warm the bottle in lukewarm water for 10 minutes. Do not use on hot wheels, allow wheels to cool before use.



WWC005 - 5L

WWK100 - 1L Kit

WWK500 - 500ml Kit

WWO600 - 600ml

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