Triplewax Car Shampoo - 1L

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Triplewax Car Shampoo is the number 1 selling product which cuts through all types of dirt and grime, leaving a spotless, streak free finish which is fully prepared for waxing.



  • Leaves an outstanding, long lasting shine 
  • Cuts through all types of dirt and grime, leaving a brilliant shine
  • Washes away dirt easily
  • Guarantees a spotless, streak free, shiny surface 



Rinse off loose dirt with cold water. Pour 15ml (1 Cap) of shampoo into a bucket and add warm water. Wash using a sponge or car wash brush, then simply rinse and dry with a chamois. 



TCS112 - 1L

TCS375 - 375ml

TCS501 - 500ml

TCS113 - 1L

TCS224 - 2L

TCS050 - 5L

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