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Trailer Mudguard Galvanised Metal 515mm

MaypoleSKU: 2655A

Sale price£32.98


Having a trailer attached to your vehicle can mean an extra cleaning job, especially when using your trailer in muddy areas. Mud guards also stop stones from flying up and chipping your or another vehicles paint work. The amount of road spray generated by your trailer or caravan will also be dramatically reduced with a mud guard.

The Maypole 8in. Mudguard have been created from a fully galvanized metal which will help to stop debris and mud flying all over your trailer and its content. There have also been strategically placed drilled holes ready for easy installation of the mud guard. The galvanized mud guard will also be protected against the harsh weather elements on the road.

Maypole are the UK's leading manufacturer of high quality towing, trailer and related leisure products. Based in Birmingham with over 40 years of experience, they are a trusted and well-known brand for their products. With over 2000 lines currently, Maypole is using their knowledge and expertise in making new and innovative products and solutions which are helping their customers. From electrical cabling, to electrical winches, and even ice scrappers, Maypole has tried to cater for the travel and leisure markets in the UK.

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