Techron D Concentrate Diesel Fuel Injector System Cleaner - 1 X 300ml


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Techron PEA Concentrate Plus Petrol Fuel Injector System Cleaner Techron PEA Concentrate Plus Petrol Fuel Injector System Cleaner Techron Concentrate Plus is an ultra high performance gasoline fuel system cleaner. Formulated with chevron’s advanced polyetheramine (PEA) technology, it offers complete fuel system treatment in gasoline passenger cars, vans and light trucks. Techron Concentrate Plus is designed to aid the removal of harmful deposits from fuel injectors, carburettors, inlet vales and combustion chambers in a wide range of gasoline engines, including port fuel-injection (PFI), direct fuel injection (DISI), hybrids and flex-fuel engines. Techron Concentrate Plus is compatible and protective in many commercially available ethanol blends such as E10 and E85 fuels. Product Highlights Fuel economy performance Engine power and acceleration Cold start performance Deposit-related knock and ping protection Engine corrosion resistance Exhaust emissions reduction Customer Benefits One tank of gasoline fuel treated with Techron Concentrate Plus offers: Improved fuel economy by aiding the removal of harmful fuel injector and intake valve deposits. Restored engine power, acceleration and performance. Better cold start performance. Reduced deposit-related knock and pin Protection against engine corrosion. A reduction in harmful exhaust emissions. Applications Techron Concentrate Plus is designed for: Spark ignition four-stroke engines fuelled by gasoline, ethanol, gasoline/ethanol blends in passenger cars, vans and light vehicles. Gasoline hybrid vehicles Four-stroke outboard motors. Techron Concentrate Plus is not recommended for: Diesel engines Techron Concentrate Plus: Is compatible with many commercially available ethanol blends Does not contain sulphur Will not Harm Catalytic converters and oxygen sensors. Approvals, performance and recommendations Recommendations Techron Concentrate Plus is recommended by major automakers.

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