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Tetrosyl Process 420 HS Clearcoat 5L

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Tetrosyl 2K HS Clearcoat is a compliant product for use in clear-over-base applications. With excellent build, gloss, adhesion and durability, this product is fast drying and is suitable for air-dry, low-bake or infrared curing. 2K HS Clearcoat requires no thinning and can be applied over most basecoat finish.

Surface Preparation

Panel wipe before application using Pre wipe Degreaser or compliant panel wipe to remove any contaminants. For example Tetrosyl Panel Perfection (WSP010)

Mixing Instructions Volume:

Mix 2 parts 2K HS Clearcoat with 1 part Activator (Fast or Standard) Weights for 1Kg: Mix 640g 2K HS Clearcoat with 360g Activator (Fast or Standard) No thinner or accelerator is required.


One drop coat followed immediately by one full coat. 15 minutes flash off at 20 - 25°C before baking.

Coverage: Approximately 10m²/litre (depending on application).

Clean with Tetrosyl Gunwash GUN005

Baking / Curing Time:

15 - 20 minutes at 60°C metal temperature.

Infrared: 15 - 20 minutes.

Air Dry: Overnight (at least 16 hours at 20 - 25°C).

Finishing Minimum 1 hour after baking before polishing.

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION/SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Dispose of empty packs in a responsible manner. Store container in an upright position and secure when transported. Activator contains Isocyanates, wear suitable PPE.

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