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Tetrion Stonefil Clear Waterproof Filler - 900ml

TetrionSKU: TETTSF015

Sale price£30.48


  • Can be over-painted in 20 minutes (subject to temperature)
  • Range of colors to suit specific requirements


  • Ensure surfaces to be filled are dry and free from dust, oil and grease.
  • Mix 100 parts of filler with 5 parts of hardener paste (approx. one golf ball sized amount of filler to a 10cm
    ribbon of hardener).
  • Mix thoroughly to disperse hardener, making sure not to mix more than can be used within a few minutes.
  • Apply the mixed paste to the repair.
  • Once the paste has cured, the filler can be sanded if required.

    NOTE: Do not use in wet or damp conditions, or on surfaces regularly under water.


Available in 900ml:

  • Clear – TSF015
  • White – TSF016
  • Pink – TSF017
  • Straw – TSF105

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