Tetrion Mirror Bond - 2ml

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Tetrion mirror fixes bonds in minutes. It is suitable for use with glass and metal. For bonding rear-view mirrors, phone and radio aerials. Specially designed for use on metal, glass, and plastic.


  • Strong, permanent bond
  • Ideal for fixing rear view mirrors
  • Bonds glass and metal
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Resistant to Oils and Solvents


  • Ensure the glass and mirror/aerial is free from old adhesive and surfaces are clean and dry
  • Trim the mesh to the size of the surface to be bonded on mirror/aerial adapter
  • Temporarily locate the position of the mirror on the outside of the screen
  • Cut the top of the mirror fix with scissors
  • Apply the adhesive over the whole surface area of the mirror/aerial to be bonded
  • Place activation mesh over the adhesive; ensuring that the mesh is fully saturated using the tip of the bottle to press the mesh into place
  • Apply the mirror/aerial to the inside of the screen immediately in the position previously identified
  • Hold firmly for at least 1 minute and allow the adhesive to set for 15 minutes
  • Invert the cap to reseal the bottle
  • Remove external location marker
  • Store in a cool dry place

Note: Not suitable for use with polyethylene, polypropylene or PTFE. Gloves are recommended when using this product.


1g - TMB002

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