Swarfega SSQ500ML Stop Quick (Aerosol) 500ml

SwarfegaSKU: DEBSSQ500ML

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Quick Drying - Optimum cleaning time allows the formulation to work, but ensures the surface dries quickly to leave it clean and with no oily residue.

Excellent Wetting Properties - The low surface tension of this specialist formulation allows it to rapidly disperse across surfaces to dampen and absorb brake dust and particles.

Instant Action - Starts working instantly to loosen dirt and grime.

Economic - Low surface tension means it rapidly spreads across components for quicker and more economical cleaning.

Ozone Friendly - Contains no CFCs or HCFCs which may damage the ozone layer.

Versatile - Can be used on all external brake parts, clutches, carburettors, calipers, contacts, starter motors, springs and pistons.

Compatible - Overspray will not damage paintwork, will not corrode metal components and in normal use will not damage most plastics and rubber components.

Fully Tested - Extensively tested for its proven compatibility with clutch and brake systems.

Powerful - Removes oil, lubricants, grease, brake fluid, brake dust, diesel, general dirt, and grime.

Lemon Odour - Pleasant to use.

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