Stone Chip Black 500ml

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A tough, flexible corrosion and chip resistant coating for all-round protection and sound deadening qualities. Suitable for all lower body panels vulnerable to stone chips. Stonechip is not suitable for use on synthetic painted surfaces.

Directions For Use

  • Shake can thoroughly before use
  • Spray in light even strokes moving the can continuously. Avoid heavy application. Shake the can frequently during use.
  • Stonechip when fully cured may be overcoated with nitrocellulose, acrylic or synthetic refinishing paint systems

Always ensure the surface to be treated is suitably prepared and fully degreased with Tetrosyl compliant wipe.


After use invert can and spray to clear the valve or remove any obstruction carefully with a pin 


This product is subject to regulations governing the storage of highly flammable liquids and liquefied petroleum gases.


SCS500: Stonechip Aerosol Black 500ml

SCS501: Stonechip Aerosol Grey 500ml 

SCS502: Stonechip Aerosol White 500ml

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