Nilco Toilet & Urinal Cleaner Spray - 1L


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Nilco W1 Citrus Toilet & Urinal Cleaner is a slightly viscous, mildly acidic, solvent-free toilet cleaner designed primarily to maintain W.C.s and open urinals in a clean hygienic condition.

It is also designed to remove hard water deposits and to leave a strong clean citrus fragrance.

This product contains a powerful biocide.

Where to use

On all acid resistant substrates for the removal of hard water and limescale deposits from perpendicular and flat surfaces.

It is suitable for use on all, except gold plated, metallic fixtures and fittings.

Where not to use

On any enamelled or vitreous surfaces. Gold plated taps, fixtures and fittings.

Use with extreme caution on areas adjacent to cementicious or decorative marble substrates.

Avoid all contact with substrates of unknown composition. Always assess on an inconspicuous area prior to use.

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