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Hycote Bike Brake Cleaner - 400ml

HycoteSKU: HYCXUK1033

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A highly volatile, fast-drying solvent based heavy duty degreaser designed to remove dust, greases, and oils from components.

Where to use

On all functional components in brake assemblies, including callipers, discs, etc.

Where not to use

  • On decorative substrates, where coatings may be affected
  • On plastics or rubber components.

Features and Benefits

  • Dissolves all greases and oils.
  • Removes lining dusts from brakes
  • Eliminates brake squeal.
  • Fast Evaporating

Application Details

Place a drip tray underneath the work area.

Spray liberally onto the surface to be treated, and allow contaminated liquid to drain into the tray.

Agitation with a brush will assist in the removal of heavy or stubborn contamination.

Flush spray until all contamination has been removed, and wipe away the contaminated cleaner with a soft absorbent cloth. Always test brake operation after cleaning.

Always dispose of contaminated materials in a sealable bin to prevent fire risk.

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