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The CarPlan Trade Tyre Slik is ideal for both dressing & preserving tyre walls. Restoring the surface to a black and glossy finish. Tyre Slik recreates the 'wet look' effect, whilst the unique formula preserves the rubber. Suitable for use via an application sprayer, or it can be applied with a brush or sponge giving your vehicle that 'just new' look.



  • Restores the surface of your tyres
  • 'Wet Look' effect making the tyres look brand new!
  • Dresses and preserves tyre walls
  • Suitable for use via an application sprayer, sponge or brush



To Spray On:

Add Tyre Slik to our specially designed application sprayer, for ease of use. Ensure the tyres are clean and dry (use Trade Valet wheel cleaner to achieve this). Spray evenly on to the tyre walls, making sure you pull steadily on the trigger to ensure even application: if necessary apply via a sponge or microfibre cloth.

To Sponge or Brush On:

Add Tyre Slik to a bucket or clean container. Use a brush or sponge to apply to tyre walls. Allow to dry leaving a ‘wet look’ effect.



5L - TSS005

25L - TSS025

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