CarPlan PCR047 Oil Drainer Can 6L


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A range of CarPlan fuel cans from the No. 1 producer of fuel cans in the UK market.

CarPlan Fuel Cans are colour coded for safe identification of fuels, with easy to use flexible pouring spouts. No more misfuelling, CarPlan is the only fuel can manufacturer who has developed new fuel can spouts to stop accidental filing of petrol in to diesel vehicles. The diameter of the spouts exactly mirrors the size of the petrol and diesel fuel pump nozzles at filling stations.

During manufacture they undergo rigorous testing in strength, capacity and design, tightness of closure, internal pressure, permeability, weight, wall thickness, stress cracking and much more to make sure they fully comply with the relevant regulations. All petrol cans conform to the Petroleum Spirit Regulations 1982 (SI 1982/630).



  • Colour coded
  • Rigorously tested
  • Petrol cans comply with SI 1982/630
  • Flexible pouring spout





6L Oil Drainer Can - Black - PCR047

5L Unleaded Tetracan - Green - TPH005

5L Diesel Tetracan - Black - TPE005

5L Leaded Petrol Tetracan - Red - TPF005

5L Diesel Plasti Can - Black - PCR054

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