CarPlan Engine Lacquer Blue - 250ml

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CarPlan Engine Lacquer Gloss is a high-quality long-lasting paint - Specially designed to cope with heat up to 150°C. Its ideal for painting engine blocks Inlets both plastic and metal.

CarPlan Engine Lacquer gives a bright, protective, coating that will resist petrol, oil, diesel fuel, and general under-the-bonnet grime.


  • Heat resistant paint up to 150 °C
  • Ideal for painting engine blocks Inlets both plastic and metal
  • It is resistant to water & frost
  • Blue Paint


Thoroughly clean engine, removing all oil, dirt, and grease.

CarPlan Engine Cleaner and Degreaser is ideal for this purpose.

Ensure the surface is completely dry and then apply lacquer with a clean paintbrush.

For aluminium parts - clean, degrease and abrade with wet & dry. Apply an Etch Primer e.g. Tetrosyl All-Purpose Metal Primer.

Apply Engine Lacquer. Allow to fully dry before running the engine.

The product reaches optimal level of protection against petrol, oil, and diesel fuel when fully dry. After use, clean brushes with CarPlan Paint Thinners.

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