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CarPlan Demon Shine Pour On 5ltr


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No time for waxingFind polishing boringUse Demon Shine - simply spray on the shine for a wicked shine - it's that easy! CarPlan Demon Shine is a revolutionary top-gloss shine treatment simply add to a bucket of water, pour over the car, and drive off - that's it!








  • No pressure washer required

  • Pour on - Drive off

  • Top-gloss shine










Always wash your car with a quality car shampoo (Demon Foam) - no need to dry first. Fill a clean bucket with cold water. Add 250ml (a quarter of the bottle) to the bucket of water. Using a jug (or any type of pouring device you have) pour over the car starting with the roof, then bonnet, boot, doors and wheels. Drive off immediately or use a Triplewax Chamois or Microfibre Cloth to remove the remaining wet spots. Do not allow the vehicle to stand and dry naturally, this can cause 'spotting' on the paintwork.









5L - Pour on Shine - CDS005



1L - Pour on Shine - CDS010



1L - Spray on Shine - CDS101



2L - Pour on Shine - CDS201



2L - Pour on Shine with Shine Gun - CSV200


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