Carlube Driveline MTF 75W-90 Manual Transmission Fluid - 1L

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Carlube Driveline Manual Transmission Fluid meets API GL-4 specification to provide coverage for a wide range of passenger car and commercial vehicle application offering good efficiency and excellent low temperature performance. They are suitable as “fill for life” fluid according to the manufacturer recommendations.


API-GL4, MB 235.1, MAN 341 Type E1, ZF TE-ML 06L, ZF TE-ML 08, ZF TE-ML 16A, ZF TE-ML 17A, ZF TE-ML 19A, ZF TE-ML 19C


  • Superior anti-wear performance
  • More uptime allowing equipment to work harder for longer
  • Broad spectrum of OEM credentials


KAR010 - 1L

KAR455 - 4.55L

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