Carlube Driveline ATF-U Automatic Transmission Fluid - 1L

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Carlube ATF-U Transmission Fluid is a high quality universal automatic transmission fluid that has been carefully blended from synthetic basestocks & specially balanced additives, to give a product which satisfies the stringent low temperature & frictional requirements of a wide range of specifications.



Dexron II/IIIH, JASO 1-A, JATCO, JWS 3309, Allison TES 295, Ford Mercon V, LT 71141, MAN 339 Z-2, MAN 339 V-1, MB 236.6/.7/.8/.9/10/.11, Mitsubishi SP-II, Volvo 97340/97341, ZF TE-ML 02F, 03D, 04D, 05L, 09, 11A, 11B, 14B, 16L, 17C

Power Steering: Can be used where any of the above specifications are listed



  • Universal automatic transmission fluid
  • Offers smooth and comfortable gear shifting
  • Resists thermal & oxidative degradation better than conventional transmission fluids
  • Anti-corrosion and rust protection
  • Excellent low temperature fluidity
  • Can be used as ISO VG32 Hydraulic Oil
  • Can be used as Power Steering Fluid



Whilst primarily recommended for passenger cars, coaches, off-highway construction equipment requiring a Mercon V type fluid, the product is also highly recommended against the shown specifications.



XTU001 - 1L

XTU455 - 4.55L

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