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Bluecol Coolant OE48 Antifreeze & Coolant - 5L

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Bluecol Engine Coolant OE 48 is a high quality ethylene glycol based coolant/antifreeze suitable for use in cooling systems of all types. Bluecol Coolant OE 48 meets original equipment manufacturer (OEM) requirements for: 

  • Audi/VW/Seat/Skoda/Porsche TL-774 C 
  • Behr 
  • BMW GS 94000 
  • Cummins 85T8-2 
  • Chrysler MS-7170 
  • Fiat 9.55523 
  • Iveco 18-1830 
  • JI Case JIC-501 
  • Lada/Avtovaz TTM VAZ 1.97.717-917 
  • MAN 324 Type NF 
  • MB 325.0 & 325.2 
  • MTU MTL 5048 
  • Opel/Vauxhall GME L1301 
  • Perkins 
  • Rollys Royce GS 94000 
  • Saab 6901 599 
  • Volvo 128 6083/002 


  •  Conforms to BS6580 (2010) 
  • All year round use 
  • Maintenance free 
  • Excellent compatibility with seals, hoses and plastic components 
  • Excellent corrosion protection 
  • Helps prevent winter freezing down to -36 degrees and summer boil over 


  • To obtain optimum protection a 50/50 coolant and water mixture is recommended. 
  • It is recommended to drain & flush the system with clean water. 
  • If neat fluid is spilled onto paintwork, rinse off with water. 


1L- BAF001 

5L- BAF005 

20L- BAF200

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