Bluecol 2.5mtr 10mm Jump Leads

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Bluecol BBC010 2.5mtr 10mm Jump Leads (Boxed)

Bluecol BBC010 2.5mx10mm Booster Cables (Boxed)

Bluecol jump leads, suitable for petrol engines up to 2500cc. Fully Insulated clips and cable.

Saftey advice and procedures

Check your vehicle handbook before using these jump leads. Some vehicle handbooks include model specific procedures. If this is the case then you must follow the manufacturers procedure rather than the steps described below.

Direction of use: Easy & simple- 

  • Connect the cars together
  • Start up the engines
  • Let the leads do their work
  • Drive away!

Owners of vehicles equipped with satellite navigation, DVD players and any other hi-tech electrical equipment should seek professional advice prior to attempting to jump start their vehicle as damage to these items can be caused if the voltage of the battery has dropped too low. Security coded radios may require the code to be re-entered if battery level has dropped too low. 

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