Texaco Havoline Ultra R SAE 5W30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil - 4 Litres


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Havoline Ultra R 5w-30 is a high performance low SAPS synthetic engine oil formulation with an additive package designed to meet MB 226.51 and Renault RN 0720 engine lubrication requirements.

Havoline Ultra R 5w-30 is formulated with synthetic base oils in combination with an advanced additive system and viscosity index (VI) improver designed to offer reliable long-life engine protection and performance in gasoline and diesel passenger cars and diesel light vans, with three way catalysts (TWC) or diesel particulate filters (PDF).

• Designed to extend engine life in severe conditions
• Low SAPS helps protects TWCs and DPFs
• Offers good TBN retention and viscosity increase control
• Formulated for reliable engine wear protection
• Aids cold engine start protection
• Advanced technology cleaning additives offer oxidation control, wear protection, cleanliness and acid neutralisation and help extend engine life in severe driving conditions
• Low SAPS design helps protect TWCs ans DPFs, offering reduced exhaust emissions, optimised system performance and service life
• Premium synthetic base oils with advanced additive technology offer good TBN retention and viscosity increase control
• Robust anti-wear additive technology designed for reliable engine wear protection
• Low temperature fluidity aids rapid lubricant circulation during cold engine starts, offering increased engine protection

• Renault RN 0720

• Mercedes Benz MB 226.51


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