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By law, when driving in Europe, you must convert your headlamps to avoid dazzling other road users. UK vehicle headlamps are specifically designed for driving on the left hand side of the road. Consequently, when driving on the right in Europe, your headlamps will shine into oncoming traffic. This will severely dazzle other road users, is dangerous, illegal, and must be prevented at all times - night or day. Eurolites are easy to fit and are supplied with individual fitting instructions for over 800 vehicles. The newly patented headlamp beam reflectors have been specifically designed to deal with the latest curved polycarbonate headlamps and increasingly powerful Xenon HID / projector headlamps. They will, of course, also continue to be suitable for halogen and traditional headlamps with 'line patterns in the glass'. Anti-scorch technology using heat mirror foils ensures the extra heat/light generated by Xenon HID/projector headlamps is reflected back in to optimise the beam pattern and prevent scorching to modern polycarbonate headlamps. The enhanced UV protection affords excellent performance, even for those staying in Europe for longer periods. Travel Spot was set up over 15 years ago to provide information and products to ensure that vehicles are both safe and legal when driving in Europe. They work hand-in-hand with the Dover Harbour Board and all the major Cross-Channel Ferry operators to ensure customer safety. Their motto of ‘Be Safe Be Legal’ is at the heart of the company’s ethos and reflects the service, information and quality products that it supplies.

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